Wait … I Have to Love Myself?

In this world, if you are too skinny, you’re not eating enough, and if you’re fat, you’re overeating. If you wear makeup, you don’t like what you look like, and if you don’t wear makeup, you aren’t seen as beautiful. The society just tries to mold us into what they want us to be in this world, but God should be the one to mold us into what He wants us to be. I’ve had some insecurities in the past like my teeth are not perfect, the way I talk bothered others, the way I walk made me feel like kids were always laughing at me in school. I’ve never cared about my weight because I like the way my body looks.

So how do you love yourself when the world may not like who you are?As I talked about in a previous blog post, you have to understand that you were created who you were for a reason. You may not see why you look this way or why you laugh this way, but God knows why because he made you. It’s hard to love yourself when you’re influenced by entertainment and magazines, but if you show love to Jesus, you will learn how to love yourself. Although you should never idolize yourself, you have to enjoy who you are by:

  •  Wearing something extravagant
  •  Getting your hair done or getting a nice haircut,  and giving yourself a spa day girls!
  •  Learn what you like to do and what you don’t like to do.
  • Accept the way you are as a person that you can’t change such as, your skin tone, your hair texture, your laugh and many others.

Also, accept the fact that you will never be perfect. The only one that is perfect is Jesus Christ. Think about it this way, God gave up his only son, so that you may live and be free from sin. That’s a lot of love, and if you understand that, then you should love yourself a lot more knowing that Jesus died for you. To wrap this up, stop caring about how the world perceives you and care more about how God perceives you. Love yourself, people, because you are in your skin for a reason.

Prayer: Lord bless the people that are struggling with loving themselves. Help them to see that You created them to have a purpose on this Earth. Show them Your unconditional love Lord Jesus! Let them see that they are a beautiful person in Christ. Help them to get out of the world’s thought and indulge themselves in You. Help them to see that every quirk and insecurities that they have is going to be used for Your glory O’ God! Thank you for helping these people start their journey on loving themselves! In Your name, Amen.

Mark 12:33 – And to love him with all the heart, and with all the understanding, and with all the soul, and with all the strength, and to love his neighbor as himself, is more than all whole burnt offerings and sacrifices.



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    Aminat Salihu

    Very wise words, and great advice. It’s amazing what the mindset of “I’m exactly as I am supposed to be” can do as well as pampering yourself. Both these things work dually to increase confidence!

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