How to Enjoy Your Life

Life can get so hectic, and we become drained. As we continue through life, we become unhappy or just tired of doing anything. We don’t want to work or we don’t want to continue school. Life just seems dull because we are on a routine. There’s nothing wrong with routines because it keeps us all

You CAN Do It!!

You may be struggling with the thought of starting a business, struggling with getting your artwork out into the public eye, or maybe perhaps you want to sing for Jesus, but you have stage fright. Listen you can do any of these things and even more! Whatever you are passionate about, it can be accomplished.

Know Your Worth!

It can be hard to know your worth when you're watching people around you are getting into relationships or have been with the same person for eight-plus years. Then there's you, the single one that has not dated in several years or never has dated anyone like myself. I remember being in high school and