Know Your Worth!

It can be hard to know your worth when you’re watching people around you are getting into relationships or have been with the same person for eight-plus years. Then there’s you, the single one that has not dated in several years or never has dated anyone like myself. I remember being in high school and I wanted to be in a relationship with someone. By the end of my senior year in high school, I begin to think maybe The Lord is not ready for me to be in a relationship. I was rejected a lot in high school by guys, and I learned those rejections might have kept me from making the wrong decisions.

When I started attending college, I realized that life did not revolve around boys. I begin building a relationship with Jesus and trusting that He will send the right person into my life at the right time. I learned how to have more confidence in myself and know that I am worth more than one-minute relationships and one night stands. I know who I am as a person and I do not need to change any of my qualities to fit any guy’s preference. Walking in God’s purpose taught me that I do not have to long for a guy’s attention because I am in my “lonely” season. I know that I serve a God that loves me more than any guy and I do not think anything can beat that.


Society shows that the idea of relationships is the best thing ever and gives us the idea that being single is dry and dull. Singleness can be a good thing at times to figure out who you are as a person and learning what you want to tolerate or not tolerate in a relationship. We have to understand that if we know our worth, then we can get through life not requiring validation from guys. You show that you know that you deserve better and you are worth more when you begin to learn that you don’t have to date a bunch of guys; you don’t have to lose your virginity with your friends, and you are becoming comfortable in who you are. When the time is right, God will add that special guy into your life. Any comments or questions? Let’s talk in the comment section!

Prayer: Lord I ask that You bless the women and girls that are reading this post. Help them to know their worth and guide them to understand their purpose on this Earth. If any of these women or girls are in an intoxicated relationship, remove them from it, Lord Jesus! Help them to know that when they build a relationship with You, You will show them the person that is truly meant for them. In Your name, Amen!

Psalm 18:3 – I will call upon the Lord who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies.



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    Donna Miller

    What an inspiring and lovely young lady you are! My pastor did some sermons on the sacredness of different seasons in life and he spoke on the sacredness of singleness. What a powerful season young ladies can find in their single years if they can see the beauty and sacredness of it and not spend it lonely and searching. You are an inspiration sweet girl! ❤

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      Thank you so much 😊 I think we need more sermons about sacredness of singleness. The youth will be more satisfied with being single. Young women/girls will understand that God wants to do so much during our single season. Thank you for your kind words!

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      Thank you! It’s a reminder for me also especially in my early 20s. I’m glad that it blessed you. Thanks for pinning as well.

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    Jessica Black

    I LOVE this post! I had the same experience in college. My early 20’s were definitely a learning curve. I’m thankful for the relationship that I’ve built with Christ, because I began to have more faith and allow God to work in my life.

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      I’m glad you enjoyed this! It’s nice to hear you had the same experience in college. Jesus is all we need to guide us and mold us into what He wants us to be. I’m thankful that I can grow closer to Christ too. He can do wonders in our lives if we allow Him to.

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    I completely agree with you. Just follow the Lord and his plans for you and everything will all come together eventually. Sometimes people get into a rush to find a man that they end up making wrong decisions that just hurt them and their personal relationship with Jesus.

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      The Lord knows all and he knows much more about what’s ahead in our future than we do! You’re right, sometimes people do rush to find men because sadly the society makes us feel bad for being single and waiting for the right person. If we grow with Christ, the societies thoughts won’t matter to us.

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      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I honestly wish women had the same mindset as me too. We won’t have to feel like we need to chase guys down just to satisfy our loneliness when we depend on God.

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    Dounia MHarthi

    Beautiful post, Chelle! Unfortunately we live in a society that puts these pressures on us. We’re constantly being told to be perfect, to date and to be in relationships. In my opinion, people need to understand, accept and love themselves first. Once you know your worth, you no longer have to wait for someone else to accept you. The right person will eventually come when the time is right. Have a blessed day 💋

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      I love your response Dounia and I agree. We have to be comfortable with ourselves in order to love others. If we are comfortable with ourselves, we won’t be focused on how society feels about how we participate in life. Thanks again and you have a blessed day as well!

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