Dear Depression and Suicidal Thoughts, This One is For You!

Although I have never been depressed or suicidal, I often read how we are losing beautiful people over the spirit of depression and the spirit of suicidal. So why do I say the spirit of…? Because the Devil is out to send his evil spirits of depression, hate, suicide, killing, and the list goes on. It’s natural that we have emotions of being sad, but it is not natural for us to take sadness to another level to want to eliminate ourselves from the Earth. People may become depressed because of being bullied at school, losing a job, the loss of a loved one, and many more. The Devil has whispered in so many people’s ear telling them “You’re a failure. There’s no turning back now”; “Nobody likes you. That’s why kids at school are bullying you.”; “Go ahead and kill yourself. Nobody will notice.” Some of these comments enter people of all age’s minds, and they just decide to deal with it or make themselves go away forever.

If you are depressed or have suicidal thoughts, I want you to know that God loves you! You are worth living on this earth because you were made with a purpose! If you do not think anyone loves you, know that God has unconditional love for you, and He wants the best for your life! You cannot stop here and throw away life when you know that better is coming! I remember being on Tumblr in 2012 and I just saw a lot of people reblogging suicidal or depressed posts. I came across someone wanting to cut themselves because they were depressed.



I decided to write a post and “For those who deal with depression, the devil only tries to steal your joy. He doesn’t want to see you smile. That’s why you get sad for no reason because the devil is messing with your head. So, overcome the devil, stop cutting and smile :))) Be happy! Think of happy things!! The devil hates that he can’t tear you apart and make you sad all the time. GOD LOVES YOU, AND THAT’S ALL THAT SHOULD MATTER :)” I remember an anonymous person sending me a message on Tumblr saying “OH MY GOSH! You seriously saved my life from that post you made! I really was feeling depressed, and I was going to cut myself. I love you <3 you seriously basically saved my life,” and I responded “awww I’m sooo glad I saved your life :)) I hate seeing people talk about cutting themselves and being depressed. You’re welcome, and I love you tooo 😀 Don’t ever let the devil make you feel bad. Call Jesus if you need help. He’s there 24/7 :)” (That’s how I use to write when I was 15 by the way)

The Devil wants you killed, wants to destroy your life, and steal your joy. If you want to get out of the spirit of depression and suicidal thoughts, ask Jesus to guide you through it. I promise you that He does not want to see His child sad and He does not want You to end your life on short notice. Jesus gives you joy, peace, and love! Isn’t that beautiful and wouldn’t you like to feel those things in your life? Although I do not know the feeling of depression and suicide, I do want you to enjoy life again. Don’t leave this Earth because your family loves you and one more time God loves you!! If any of you have experienced depression or suicidal thoughts, share your thoughts in the comment section!


If you are going through depression or have suicidal thoughts, please talk to someone you trust, like a trusted family member, best friend, or a counselor. If someone is coming to you with mental health issues:

  • Do not laugh
  • Do not judge
  • Do not tell them “go ahead and kill yourself then” because they might consider doing it and you will feel guilty for the rest your life
  • Give them the support and love that they need

This is a serious topic. I do not find jokes about mental health funny at all and you shouldn’t either!


Prayer: Lord I pray that you bless any person that is reading that is/has dealt with depression or suicidal thoughts. Let them know that you will give them abundant life. Protect their minds from evil and Help them to get to know You as their personal Savior! Lord give them the power to overcome the spirit of depression and suicidal thoughts. Give them peace, joy, and love in their daily lives Jesus! In Your name, Amen!

John 10:10 – The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life , and that they might have it more abundantly.


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  1. 1

    I seriously love this post. Yes I heard too people trying to cut them self and all. One thing I would like you too add is “God never do mistakes, so he created you for a reason. And that is humanity. Love his fellow beings he will love you back”❤

    Keep it Chelle (Y)

    • 2

      Thank you! Yes it is true God doesn’t make mistakes. God loves everyone even if people don’t like each other There’s a quote that I’ve heard “If you have a pulse, then you have a purpose.”

    • 4

      Thank you for reading! I hope that you share this with your family member to encourage them to push through this tough time in their life.

    • 6

      It is so true that mental health issues are just as important as physical health. How can we take care of ourselves physically if we are not functioning mentally?

  2. 9

    I think it is so important to talk about mental health. Something needs to be done to break the stigma that goes along with it.

    • 10

      I agree with your comment Stephanie! I really think people should take mental health seriously because depression and suicide is deteriorating people’s lives.

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