You CAN Do It!!

You may be struggling with the thought of starting a business, struggling with getting your artwork out into the public eye, or maybe perhaps you want to sing for Jesus, but you have stage fright. Listen you can do any of these things and even more! Whatever you are passionate about, it can be accomplished. An idea popped into my head to start this blog in September. I began to research on how to start a blog, and I noticed that it was not as easy as it appeared. After gaining some knowledge on how to start a blog, I began to write content for this blog.

In January of this year, I stared back at the posts I have written and became nervous. I was wondering what if people don’t read it or what if no one likes my post. This was all the trick of the enemy entering into my mind saying “you CAN’T do it!” The Devil was only trying to tear me down because he knew my content would motivate people to do better and feel better. He does not like it when people become better, and he definitely does not like when someone grows closer to God through the process!

Do not let the Devil hold you back from what you want to do! It makes the enemy angry when you are trying to help people be better or giving your knowledge on how Christ changed your life. I’m on social media all the time, and I always see people asking Youtubers tips on how to start a Youtube channel. I’m always thinking to myself  ”Just START!” The only way you CAN’T do it is when you don’t start. Research and Start it. Let me ask you something when you wanted to make a profile for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms did you think for a minute that people would not follow or send you a friend request? If no, then do everything that you are passionate about just like you started that social media account. Stop hesitating and go for what you want in life.


If you are a Christian, pray if you are a little hesitant of if you should do it or not. God will give you the answer if you should do it. I remember I wanted to start a Youtube channel last year and I felt in my heart that it was not my purpose to do that. I only want to do what God allows me to do, and I want to be used for His Glory!

I wrote a story called “Ugly Girl” when I was 16 without hesitation, and it is on Wattpad. I wanted it to be published, but I have not gotten an answer where to go with publishing from The Lord. But, the thing is I didn’t hesitate, and it has helped so many girls feel better about themselves. Sometimes things don’t work out the way we want them to in the midst of starting something because it may not be our purpose or maybe we just have to go through hiccups to get to the successful part of our lives.

One day, I was thinking to myself maybe all of the things God allowed me to go through in a lot of situations in the past to prepare me for this moment. I am able to share my experiences in life and help others become better because God put me in those tough situations. I wouldn’t have known how to cope as a dark skin girl without experience, I wouldn’t have known what it was like to lose so many friends and how to get through bad roommate situations without experience.  We have to experience things to handle certain positions we need or want in life.


If you want to sing in front of people, you got to practice and get over that terrible stage fright. You may get booed off during gigs because you sound pitchy from nervousness. After you have had enough experience and understand how to sing in front of people, those jeers will turn into cheers! If you want to write a book, you may have to experience some declinations from publishing companies because of grammatical issues like complex sentences or wrong word choices. After you’ve gained some knowledge from a dictionary or other people’s writing, you will become better! I think you understand now.

Finally, I want to say turn those “CAN’TS into CANS. You CAN do it! The Bible says “I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil.4:13).” Don’t be afraid to fall short because you WILL get to success from the hiccups in your life. I hope this encouraged you to do what you are passionate about.

Prayer: Lord, you know us all by name. Help us to do your will and not ours. Take away the hesitation from our minds. Use all of us that reads this post today for Your Glory Father! When we fall short, remind us that you can pick us up. Help us to not be afraid to serve You and others that need our help in this world. In Jesus name, Amen!

Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you, “declares the LORD,” plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.



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    I really needed this reminder today. I am struggling through the fear of public speaking. As a life coach it is something I really want to be better at and not to be fearful of doing it. This is inspiring!

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      So glad I could help you feel motivated Abby 🤗 Don’t be afraid of public speaking. Be confident that you’ll change someone’s lives with your words! You can do it! Fear is False Evidence that Appears Real. God didn’t instill fear in us. Thank you for reading!

    • 4

      Thank you, Colette! Exactly as humans were going to make mistakes but we can’t stop after making mistakes. We have to learn from our mistakes and keep going as you said.

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