How to Enjoy Your Life

Life can get so hectic, and we become drained. As we continue through life, we become unhappy or just tired of doing anything. We don’t want to work or we don’t want to continue school. Life just seems dull because we are on a routine. There’s nothing wrong with routines because it keeps us all on schedule. Don’t you agree? But sometimes in those routines, we got to have a  quick me-time to do something we enjoy. I believe having a quick me-time will help us enjoy life better.
The enemy has us right where he wants us when we become worn down and upset with life. He likes when we become depressed. He just wants us to quit at life and cut it shorter than we should. Here are some ways to help you and I enjoy life and stay away from the dark:
  • Read or listen to E-books – If you like books, take a trip to the library or read some E-books. I’ve heard about Audible (not sponsored/or affiliated) having a great selection of ebooks to listen to from Christian related to comedy. Reading can take some of us on an adventure to different places mentally. Whether it’s a blog, news article, or a physical book it can be calming for some of us.
  • Movies- The movies can be expensive these days. It’s up to $11 per person and including popcorn, drinks, and candy. Personally, the movies is a reward to me, but it’s nice to go and enjoy a movie with some friends or maybe the family. The chairs in the movie theatres are becoming better too!
  • Shopping – It’s nice to go shopping when you have money! Treat yourself to those shoes or that trench coat you’ve had an eye on. Something about going shopping with friends and just enjoying the atmosphere of the mall. I really appreciate that feeling!
  • Bath – Every once in a while I enjoy a hot bath and scented bath bombs. It’s nice to chill, listen to soft music and reflect on my life.
  • Writing – When I’ve had a rough day, I like to write out my feelings on a computer. It’s relaxing to write whether it’s stories, poems, and maybe songs. Writing has become an outlet for me due to busy days in classes for the whole week.
  • Vacations – I honestly would love to say I have traveled the world, but that would be lying. I want to travel more though, but I think vacations are an excellent way to enjoy life if you can afford it. Just the thought of sitting in a hotel and you don’t have to do anything sounds relaxing!
  • Drawing/Coloring – Drawing and coloring can ease our minds, and it just feels like an “ah” moment. There are coloring books sold everywhere in adult form and for children. I know adults that still like to color in children coloring books including myself.
  • Watching YouTube/Hulu – After class, I like to unwind and catch up on a good show on Hulu and catch up on my subscriptions on YouTube. I’m a big TV enthusiast, and it’s an enjoyable part of my day.
I’m sure there’s plenty of more, but those are some things that I believe can make our everyday life enjoyable except vacations. Vacations can only be enjoyed every day unless you do staycations (stay in a hotel in your local area). We have to make the Devil angry by enjoying our lives. Keep living and do something out of the ordinary that genuinely makes you happy. “But I don’t have time to do that.” You actually do have time when you have breaks during the day. During your lunch break, in between classes, or at the end of the day (an hour or two before bed). Don’t make excuses for not having the time to enjoy your life. We can’t be working or doing school related things all day and night. If you do, then may I suggest a time to enjoy your life during your weekends.
Enjoying your life is very important to spend time with family and friends. You never know when they could leave this Earth or your kids may grow so fast that you can’t keep up.  Sometimes we all have moments where we just aren’t enjoying life like we should. We don’t have to be alive, but God is keeping us breathing for a reason. Use your life to take a break and have fun sometimes. We don’t have to be productive every day. Sometimes we need a me-day so we can refresh ourselves from work or school. So tell me in the comments, what do you enjoy about your life? What keeps you sane from a productive day? If you’re going through depression, what would you like to do to enjoy your life better?
Prayer: Jesus, help us to enjoy every day that you allow us to open our eyes. Don’t let the Devil cloud our day with being mentally or physically drained. Give us the strength to keep moving forward for Your purpose! Thank you for allowing us to see a new day and allowing us to breathe Your air. In Jesus name, Amen!
Psalm 132:15 KJV- I will abundantly bless her provision: I will satisfy her poor with bread



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      Staycations are a great option when you don’t have the finances to take a trip to St. Lucia. I’m so glad I could help Sarah! Thank you for reading 🙂

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