I Was the Pursuer!

I remember when I was in middle and high school, I wanted a boyfriend and  I was willing to find him myself. If I liked him, I was ready to do whatever I could to label this guy as my boyfriend. Every time I saw myself chasing after a boy, they were either taken, or they did not like me. I honestly believed The Lord blocked these guys from me because He has someone better for me. He knew that I was going to grow patient and be still. As a high schooler, I always wondered why everybody else had boyfriends, and I was still alone. At the time, I was thinking about how it would be nice to tell the world I have a boyfriend.
I’m a single college girl now, but I’m doing well because I understand that God knows what’s best for my future.  Chasing after unnecessary things/ people are influenced by peer pressure from family, friends, and the society. We may pursue money because someone seems financially stable with their two jobs.  Some people look like they have good relationships with their “soulmate,” so we feel like we need to go out of the way to find our “soulmate” too.  The Lord has a soulmate specifically for us, but no one wants to wait.
I want you to know that pursuing anyone or anything will leave you in pain. You might deal with unnecessary heartbreaks because you didn’t want to wait for the right one. You’re too busy chasing after the money instead of spending time with people who love you.  I’m not saying having a job or two is a bad thing because we need money to pay for necessities. My point is that that we shouldn’t become caught up in the idea of only caring about the money and uncaring about the people who love us. Sometimes we can be chasing people away because we are pursuing other people/objects.
We need to start chasing after God’s heart so that He can mold us into what He wants us to be. God will help us get through life, finances, and relationships.  I understand that it is hard to wait for God’s time, but we have to pray and ask Him for patience. Patience is hard, but it will be better when He reveals what He wants to happen in our lives.
So let go of that guy that you know isn’t treating you the best. Stop being deep in love with money because it is not everything. Stop being friends with those people that you know don’t care for you. If we chased God the way we pursued after “important” people or things, then this world would be so much better. Are you a pursuer of something or someone? How do you feel about pursuing things/people? Let’s talk in the comment section!
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Prayer: God, help us to stop pursuing things or people in our life. Help us to seek You more Lord because You are the one that can help us and make our life much better! Eliminate that person that is not for us in our lives and eliminate those unnecessary things that we don’t need in our lives. We thank you for allowing us to be reminded that we don’t need to chase after this world as long as we have You.
Matthew 6:33 KJV: But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.


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      Exactly Adrianna! I would love for women to understand that the right one will come to them at God’s timing. Thank you!

  1. 3

    It’s exactly like God said it; when we seek the kingdom of God first, all other things would be added to us. Thanks so much for this reminder, Chelle. Blessings to you.

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      I’m so glad that you could take something from this post and apply it to your life. God Bless you! Thank you for the engagement Boma!

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    Kelly Leake

    Wise words! I remember the long period of waiting and wondering if I’d ever find Mr. Right. Thankfully, I turned my eyes to Jesus, and, in His time, He sent me a godly husband. So worth the wait!!

    • 6

      Wow, God is so good! Everything that God is preparing for us is always worth the wait! Thanks for sharing your response and thank you for your kind words! God Bless you Kelly!

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