The Act of Bullying

We are losing children of all ages because they are teased in school. Kids are going to school hearing people call them “loser,” “stupid,” “lame” and other hurtful words. They go home without communicating with their family, keeping to themselves, and holding onto hurtful words from school. This is when the trick of the enemy comes

Addictions Are Real!

Addictions are one of the worst attacks in our world. The definition of addiction is a condition of dependency on a drug substance, thing, or activity. When we think of the word “addiction,” we immediately think about drugs and alcohol. The truth is that people can be addicted to anything such as video games, buying

Don’t Rush!

I remember when I was rushing to get an assignment done for class. I just continued to think to myself “I just want to get this over with." I suddenly heard the Lord say “Don’t rush." I took a deep breath and begin to patiently work on my assignment. I started to think about how

Confidence Is The Key

When I was in high school, I hated talking in front of people. Every time a teacher said “you have to present your project in front of the class”, I would cringe and panic. Want to know why I did not like presenting in front of people? I was always the one that was teased