6 Apps That I Use to Connect With God

I have been devoting my time to God for a while now. It’s important to spend time with God quietly at the beginning of your day and the end of your night. We should include Him in our whole day, but we need to have some alone time to hear His voice. I thought I would share the apps I use to devote my time to Christ. These apps are not sponsored or affiliated.

Bible(Youversion): I think a lot of you guys know about this app, but let me share for those that don’t. Youversion is a bible app that includes over 100,000 plans for however you feel like you need to connect with God more, such as requiring more love, stop being fearful, Growing faith in Christ, and much more. The plans come from people like Joyce Meyer, Sadie Robertson, Priscilla Shirer, and many more. It also has a Verse of the Day, and you can be reminded to see that VOTD every day. There are different images that you can view that’s based on the VOTD. Also if you have a child(ren), they have a Youversion for Kids.


Photo Credits: Youversion

Daily Inspirations: This app gives you a scripture to read first and then it shows a devotional reading that relates to the scripture. If you’re a person that likes to journal down what you’ve learned from the devotional, it has a space for that. I love the simplicity of this app, but I also love how powerful the devotionals are!



Our Daily Bread:  It is an app that has an option for audio devotional readings. The app occasionally has plans for you to read as well. I love reading/or listening to this app. Our Daily Bread also has physical devotional booklets that can be sent to your home for FREE. I’ve had the booklets sent to my grandmother’s house monthly, and she loves reading them in the morning to start her day.

share-odb-2018-04-30 Photo Credits: Our Daily Bread

Joyce Meyer Ministries: Joyce Meyer’s app has all of her updated videos weekly, 15-minute radio sessions weekly, and a daily devotional. I use it a lot to listen to the 15-minute radio sessions. You also can donate to her ministry if you’re feeling generous.



KJV Bible: I use this as my primary bible. It has a Verse of the day and Devotional of the day. You can also buy different bible versions on the app. It’s a great Bible that I use daily to highlight and take notes. I even switch between KJV and NIV so I can understand the Bible better

Abide: I haven’t really used Abide after my free trial ended, but it’s $3.99 a month to hear longer devotionals and prayers. It’s free still, but it’s only 2 minutes of devotion and prayers. I really like this app because it can calm you with soothing sounds in the background like waterfalls or soft music. Check it out!

I hope that you take these apps into consideration for your devotional time with God. These are all beginner friendly if you want to start devoting time to God in the morning. Tell me your favorite apps that you use to spend time with God or what is your Quiet Time Routine with God like? Let’s talk in the comments! Have a great day, evening, or night!


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      I am too Taylor! You’re welcome. I’m glad I could help you find beginner friendly apps to connect with God ❤️

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