Addictions Are Real!

Addictions are one of the worst attacks in our world. The definition of addiction is a condition of dependency on a drug substance, thing, or activity. When we think of the word “addiction,” we immediately think about drugs and alcohol. The truth is that people can be addicted to anything such as video games, buying shoes, sodas, food, gambling, and so much more.
Addictions can affect our lives mentally, physically, and emotionally. These habits can come from something that happened in our childhood, the enemy trying to throw us off track, and also can start from making bad choices. For instance, drug or alcohol use can come from hanging out with the wrong people.
I was addicted to Lifesaver wintergreen mints. I loved the fresh taste of them, and I ate too many of those little mints in a day. I didn’t just eat them for a fresh breath anymore, but I felt like I needed one every five minutes. Yeah, it was terrible! In February 2018, I felt the Lord speak to me one day saying “you need to take a three-month break from Lifesavers.”
After my break from the mints, I did not have the same desire that I had for them before February 2018. If God can break an addiction that seems as simple as that, then he can break anyone from their most serious habit. Although addictions are compelling, it is not too hard for God to break. God can free you from that addiction you’re struggling with, but you have to make a choice that you want to stop.
Many people are losing their family members because of drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, and other strong addictions. The enemy enjoys seeing families falling apart because of the habits of our world. If any of your family or friends are struggling with any addiction, the only thing you can do is keep them in your prayers. Most people that are addicted to something are going to be in denial and don’t want help from anybody.
A person honestly has to want better for themselves to end their addiction. Continue to love them and let them know that you’re here for them. It’s devastating to watch an addiction rip a person apart. The person won’t be fun to be around anymore, and they’re defensive about everything. I understand. Addictions are active in my family.
When you think about it, we’re all addicted to something such as our phones, social media, taking selfies, games, and more. Some addictions are just more severe than others. The enemy continues to fool us by saying “Just one time,” and we continue to keep doing the same things that can harm us mentally, physically, and emotionally.
According to Closing The Addiction Gap, Twenty-three million Americans are currently addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs.  Only one in 10 of them (2.6 million) receives the treatment they need. The result: a treatment gap of more than 20 million Americans. Isn’t that devastating? 23 million Americans trapped in an active addiction! God bless those families that are dealing with a family member that is struggling with these severe addictions. I wish that person would’ve just said “no!” , but some people don’t think about those consequences in the midst of the action.
I thank God for keeping me from drugs and alcohol. There are so many college students that pick up on these habits because it “feels good” or they don’t want to feel left out. I’ve learned as a college Christian that I was going to be isolated from others for my well being. It was because I’ve chosen to listen to God.
When He told me to take a three-month break from Lifesavers, I chose to do that because He knows what is best for me. If I wouldn’t have done that, I could have had health problems. The best way to stay away from addictions is to listen to God and just say no if it’s drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol won’t help you. They will only hurt you!
I hope that you enjoyed this post. Have a beautiful day, night, or evening. Thank you for reading! I appreciate your comments and shares!
Prayer: Lord, We pray right now that you free those that are struggling with addictions. The Devil can’t have your children! Comfort those that are dealing with a loved one that is addicted to strong habits. Bless all of us Lord that may be addicted to food, caffeine, people, technology. Go into the minds of teenagers and college students that want to fit in. Lord keep them from starting a habit that can eliminate them from this Earth earlier than You intend. In Your name, Amen!
1 Corinthians 15:33 NIV-  Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”


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