The Act of Bullying

We are losing children of all ages because they are teased in school. Kids are going to school hearing people call them “loser,” “stupid,” “lame” and other hurtful words. They go home without communicating with their family, keeping to themselves, and holding onto hurtful words from school. This is when the trick of the enemy comes upon them to do dangerous acts, such as cutting themselves, suicide, killing someone else, and, etc.
Suicide has been the most significant outbreak in our community due to bullying. Kids as young as 5 years old are taking their lives because someone is picking at them for various reasons, such as their hair, skin tone, or their clothing. Every day a parent/sibling(s) is losing their lovely child/sibling to suicide. I couldn’t imagine losing my siblings to suicide, so I know that has to break families hearts.
Social media plays a big part in children’s suicidal acts. People share other people who committed suicide many times. Kids are influenced by the easiness that they can eliminate themselves from the world. They don’t understand the damage that they are leaving their families behind. They don’t comprehend that suicide is not the answer.
I was teased in middle and partially high school because of my dark skin, thicker lips, reserved demeanor and many other things. I never thought for once that I wanted to commit suicide. No matter how annoying the teasing got, I wanted to live because I always knew I would get through bad times.  When I was in middle school, I always wished to be in my 20s because I knew I wouldn’t get picked on during that age frame. There are two reasons why I didn’t feel suicidal 1. It was a different time when social media didn’t exist and 2. my parents told me that if I killed myself, I would end up in Hell with the Devil. I never want to be with the Devil when my life ends.
The enemy comes to steal these young children’s minds because he knows that they will act on their thoughts. He knows that they are not able to distinguish the difference between God’s voice and his voice in their heads.
Why are children bullies?
Bullying is a learned behavior; however, they are not happy with who they are. They are satisfied with hurting others because they are hurt. Children need to be taught to be stronger than bullies. If they can grasp this concept, suicide will diminish. Children have to make bullies and the enemy mad. No child should feel like they should have to take away their life because of bullying.
It’s time to take action parents/guardians! Don’t let your child go down this road of suicide or other dangerous acts.
If you have children as young as five:
  • Have conversations with them about suicide – Let them understand how you would feel if they took their own life. Help them to comprehend that suicide is not the answer to solve their problem
  • Talk to them about their day– Give them assurance that they can tell you anything that happens to them during school.
  • Give your kids love – They need those hugs and kisses because school days might be rough for them. Knowing that they are loved by you may keep them from committing to dangerous acts.
Children should live as long as God allows them to.  They shouldn’t be taking their lives because Satan is in a child’s mind and using other children to bully them around. Children are the future that can make the world better, and that is what makes the enemy mad. They are walking in purpose, and they don’t understand that yet. Your child(ren) may be going through a tough time for God’s Glory. Your child(ren) could grow up as a public speaker for “anti-bullying seminars.” You never know what God has for your child in the future.
If you have a child(ren), I hope that this motivates you to have this conversation with your child(ren) because this is what the world is going through right now. Children’s lives have to be saved from the enemy because he is out to steal, kill, and destroy your child’s life.
Thank you for reading! Have an awesome day, night, or evening! I appreciate your comments and shares!
Prayer: God bless the children that are dealing with bullying. Keep them from hurt, harm, evil and danger as they go about their day at school and at home! The enemy cannot have these children! Bless the parents Father! Give them the mind to stay connected with their children even on the busiest day of their life. Let these children know that you will give them an abundance of life. I pray for the bullies right now! Take away the hurt that they are experiencing in school or in their households. Help the victims and bullies to see the light! In Jesus name, Amen!
1 Peter 5:8 NET – Be sober and alert. Your enemy the devil, like a roaring lion, is on the prowl looking for someone to devour.

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