You Will Never Have It All Figured Out

Today we think we have to have our whole life figured out by  25. If we haven’t gotten it together by that age, we’re a failure to the world. I’ve seen people feel like they’ve failed before 25. As a 21-year-old, I’m watching people my age engaged, married, and having a child(ren).

I can understand how young adults that don’t have any of those things right now are feeling like failures. Our society is trying to make us feel like we have to have a successful life by a certain age. After college, we have to jump into a career, get married, buy a house, have kids and much more. Realistically, how can you do all of those things by 25? You can’t unless you try to rush through your life.


I’ve come to tell you that whether you’re 20 or 30, you’re never going to have your life figured out. Only God knows the beginning and end of your life. If you’re 21, you don’t need your own place if you’re not ready to pay bills. You still have time to go to school and save money for an apartment in the future.  

If you’re 24, you don’t need a husband and a child if you’re not ready for commitment. Don’t let the enemy fool you that you are a failure for not having everything by a certain age. God will give you what you need when He’s ready for you to have it. Wherever you are in life, you’re meant to be at that place right now.

Life is not meant to be figured out, it’s about following God’s will for you. If we resist the devil and submit to God, we can have an abundance of life. Pray to the Lord and ask Him what the next step in your life is. He will guide you to your new job, school, house, or whatever He desires for you.

If God guides you to it, He will bring you through it. As I’ve said in Stop Comparing Yourself To Others, everybody is on a different path in their life. You maybe 30+ and still unmarried with no children, but your friends are married with kids. God has different plans for our lives, and we must understand this to unleash the fullness of our lives.


The enemy is fooling us by showcasing influencers in our lives with a family by 22 years old. It’s not always possible if God didn’t intend a family for you at 22. Some people get married young, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do the same thing.

God wants you to focus on His assignments before He turns you over to marriage and kids. There’s more to life than those things anyway. We’ve always been taught to have all these things in this order: School, Career, Marriage, and Kids. We’re not educated enough to stay in prayer and asking The Lord for guidance.

Let’s strip the things we’ve been taught to have in our lives. First, college is not for everybody. The Lord knows you, and He knows what you can and can’t do. You may be getting rejected by all of these colleges because it’s not where God wants you to be.

Maybe you struggled through grade school, so college is not for you. During my senior year of high school, I applied for three schools. Two of the schools told me to start at a tech school first then transfer. I didn’t want to go to tech (nothing wrong with tech just wanted to experience a four-year institution).

I learned that the third school (Art Institute of Charlotte) that I applied to was a scam school. They wanted me to pay $100,000/ year, and my credits would not transfer if I felt like I didn’t like the school. For some reason, I tried to apply for Coastal Carolina University, and I was accepted two weeks after I applied. As I’ve been attending this school, I’ve learned that I’m meant to be here for some reason. I’ve learned so much that I wouldn’t have learned if I stayed 30 minutes to an hour away from home.

After college, we’re taught to get a job in our career. How do we know that these careers are God’s plan for us or a plan just for us?  I’ve watched people go to school for years, and after school, they aren’t doing what they’ve received a degree in. They may do something different from what they went to school for.

We always get asked what we are going to do after college, but we never know what God is going to do in our lives. I used to tell people I didn’t know what I was going to do after college. People told me to think about it and I made up this whole scenario of what I wanted to do after college. Even though I may not know what I’m doing after college, I still have goals and aspirations that I would love to accomplish. If you are a recent grad or a soon to be grad, don’t allow people to rush you into jobs or getting out of the house. Pray about it and let God speak to you what He wants you to do after college.

 After college, we search for jobs in our career field, and that can be hard right? We may not have enough work experience. Maybe God wants us to pursue something different from our careers like a public speaker or an author. We’re always taught that our jobs lead to a successful and fruitful life. That is partially true, but doing what God calls us to will lead us to an abundant and fuller life. Even if you are successful in your career, you still won’t have your life figured out.

People are always stumbling upon the idea of being married. I think that it is great that we all want to be married and be successful in marriage. But what if some of us don’t get married, does that mean that we’ve failed as human beings? No, it doesn’t. Truthfully, God did not call every last human being on Earth to be married. That still doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life because we don’t have a spouse. We can accomplish God’s plan for our lives whether we’re married or not.

Kids are amazing. They are the purest and honest little human beings that you’ll ever meet. Do you feel like you’re a failure because you don’t have any kids? Do you feel like the world will end because you don’t have anybody after you to inherit your items or money? There’s no need to feel this way because just like everyone doesn’t get married, everyone won’t have kids. It’s disheartening to hear that, but it is the truth. It does not mean that your life can’t be meaningful and used for God’s Glory because you don’t have children.

We will never figure out our lives, but we can live the way God wants us to so that we can be with Him for eternity. Our lives will always be full of happiness and a lot of disappointments, but we’ll still get through the storm with The Lord.

I hope that you have taken something away from this. I hope that you are inspired and motivated to grow closer to God so that He can share His plan for your life. Remember that God is higher than anything. Have a great day, evening or night!

Thank you for reading! I appreciate your comments and shares.

Prayer: Lord, help us to understand that our life will never be figured out, but help us to know that You will guide us through our lives. You are so great God, and we want to do everything we can to please you and not ourselves! We bind the enemies’ spirit of distraction to be about your Kingdom. Help us to stay on course and follow You!

Psalm 139:14 KJV – I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.



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    Thanks for the post! It really calmed me because I’m still 18 but feel like I need to have everything planned out, when it’s truly much more fullfiling to rest and let God guide us

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      Yes, don’t worry Nicole. God has your back, and he’s going to do some amazing things in your life! I love your comment and thanks for reading!

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