No Sin Is Too Deep For God

As a Christian, I think that once we’re saved, we look at other people’s sins and feel like they could never be saved because they are in their sins too deep. Maybe a family member or an old friend is promiscuous, drug addict, porn addict and commits so many other sins. Before we were saved, we committed sins too, but we realized that we needed a Savior. We had faith that God was going to change us for the better.

Let’s take a look at a woman from the Bible, Rahab, a prostitute that had a changed heart for God. Rahab was a woman who indulged herself into any man that approached her.  Rahab wanted to feel free and live her life with excitement and thrill. Like many young people today, she was tired of her parents telling her what to do. All parents want to do is protect their children from evil.  Sadly, every child or adult can’t be protected from evil forever unless they have the spirit of Jesus.

Although Rahab may have been known as the harlot or prostitute, she became a changed woman when she protected Joshua’s two spies from the Amorites. The two spies that Rahab protected were men of God and on a mission to overthrow the enemies of His people. Rahab planned their protection and escape by sneaking them into her home. She spread flax (a blue-flowered plant that is used for its seed) on her roof and used a scarlet cord. The spies were calling for desperate measures as they knew that the Amorite pursuers were onto their plan.

Rahab saw that the spies were nervous and assured them saying “Fear not I will not betray you nor your leader. Follow me.” She took them up to the flat roof and made the men cover themselves up with a pile of flax lying on top. After she made the accommodations for the spies, the pursuers tracked the spies at Rahab’s house. She told them that they were at her home, but left on their way to the Eastern Gate. The pursuers took her word and went to search for their prey.  When everything was clear, she let the spies down from her window and guided them the best way she could to escape capture.

Even though Rahab associated herself with an idolatrous lifestyle, she witnessed the understanding of a truly sovereign God. She said to the spies, “I know that the Lord hath given you the land, and that your terror is fallen upon us. The Lord, your God he is God in heaven above, and in earth beneath (Jos.2.9-11). Rahab heard God, even if she didn’t understand. She was isolated from the idolatrous people to help the God that she was growing to know.  She was willing to sacrifice her nation for a God who is marvelous and magnificent! Rahab was promised that when she returned to her country, her and her family would be spared life.

Rahab’s lifestyle may have estranged her from her loved ones, but she was concerned about their life and safety. She wanted to be known as kind by showing the spies, and they told her that she will be dealt with kindness and truth. Rahab told a lie and scriptures forbid lying or “evil doing, that good may come of it.” The Bible does not agree with her for being deceitful, but her faith was commended. Hebrews 11:31 NET says “By faith Rahab, the prostitute escaped the destruction of the disobedient, because she welcomed the spies in peace.”

Rahab’s sacrifice and faith show us that we can get through anything with God. If we work our faith just a little, God will do the rest for us. If we sacrifice our lives to Christ, so many doors can be opened in our life. He can free anyone from sin when they understand that “this is wrong and I need to stop.” Rahab understood that God could save her from this idolatrous lifestyle that she was living and save her family from evil.  I want you to realize that you, family members, and friends can get away from sin by sacrificing your life and having faith in God.

Rahab’s change of heart for God also exhibits that “His blood can make the vilest clean.” Jesus manifested flesh through Rahab to indicate His abundance of grace and mercy for all sinners. So if you are doing evil wrongdoing, God can cleanse you no matter what type of sin it is. For Christians, understand that you were a sinner of the world before you were saved, but you are now a sinner saved by grace.

I hope that you took something away from this and you’re inspired to be free from sin and commit your heart to Christ today! Thank you for reading, have a fantastic day, evening or night!

Prayer: God, we ask that you bless the sinners in this world. Help them to be saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. Allow them to make a sacrifice to live for you wholeheartedly. Let them know about your good works and give them faith to trust that you will make their life better! Thank You, God, for allowing Jesus to die for our sins and giving us the confidence that You are Lord! In Jesus name, Amen.

Hebrews 11:1 NET – Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, being convinced of what we do not see.



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