Why Is Secular Music Bad?

I’ve always been into music since I was a kid. I listened to almost everything growing up except for heavy metal and sometimes rock. I wasn’t really into music when I was in elementary school, but in middle school, I became heavily influenced by it. I grew up in a Christian household, but I was not fond of Gospel music as much as I liked Rap and Hip-Hop. I found Hip-Hop music to have amazing beats. In middle school, I didn’t properly listen to words. I just knew the basics of what I was not supposed to do such as no cursing, no sex, and don’t do drugs or drink.

I became fascinated with Hip-Hop/R&B because I was able to fit in with the other children. I could say “Hey have you heard that new Lil Wayne album? It’s so good.” I would make “friends” from knowing the latest songs or albums. Not only that, it was influencing me to use profane language. At the moment, it was fun to use new curse words I got from songs. I was able to stand my ground in school when people were picking on me. People would leave me alone after I cursed them out. I’m sure these new words were coming from music because I did not grow up with parents that cursed at each other.

I remember when I would play Rap/R&B loud in the house, and my mom would always say, “If you keep listening to that music, you’re going to show it.” or “what is in you will come out.” As a 12 or 13-year-old, I rolled my eyes and just said: “mom always overreacting about my music.” I remember how secular music made me feel hyper all the time and I would continue to curse with or at people. One day, I realized how much I was cursing when I almost cursed in front of my parents. Do you think I stopped listening to secular music after that? No, I didn’t.

When I was in the 7th grade, I remember when my mind was racing so much I couldn’t sleep properly. At this time, I was listening to Lil Wayne’s album, “I Am Not A Human Being.” First of all that is a terrible album name and I shouldn’t have listened to that in the first place. I was 12 or 13, and I was trying to keep up. I remember that whole album was attached to my head. Every time I closed my eyes to go to sleep, I always saw myself falling into a dark hole. One time I went through a bunch of fire which I felt like it was Hell. When I woke up from the dream that appeared to be Hell, my skin felt burnt. I realized that maybe it was time for a change in my music style.


At the beginning of High School, I left the latest music behind and paid attention to my dad’s music. That wasn’t better, but it was better than what I was listening to. My dad listened to a lot of old school music ranging from Jazz, Rock, and 60s to early 90s music. I started gravitating to artist like D’Angelo, The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest and other older music artists before I was born. I thought that if I listened to this music, it would make my mind feel better, but God was like nope. I tried balancing Gospel music and old school music. Sometimes I would do well listening to Gospel music, and then I would slip because an artist that I liked such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar, or J.Cole would come out with a new album. I would leave Gospel music alone and fall back into Rap/R&B or old school music once again. I struggled with secular music for years. I began to get stuck in a cycle with Gospel and Rap music. I became comfortable with Gospel music, and then the devil uses an artist that I enjoy to release a “great” album.

2018 is probably my best year of removing secular music out of my life. You are maybe wondering what is so terrible about secular music. I am about to tell you why. This can also go with why we need to cut out a lot of movies and entertainment. Are you ready? Let’s get into this!

Secular music influences your behavior – You’re listening to these profane, sexually, and drug filled music, and you think that you’re going to be okay? Let’s be serious. Secular music will have you cursing like nobody’s business. Your mind becomes more sexually driven because a song about “laying someone out on a table” is always in your ears. Even if you’re a virgin, you are constantly thinking about sex. I’m a virgin, and when I listened to lustful music, sex was on my mind and sometimes in my dreams. Maybe you like drinking and smoking. Where do you think that idea started? Most likely, your music choice, unless you grew up in a family that drinks and smokes in front of you constantly. Your favorite songs/albums made you feel like drinking and smoking is a cool activity. If you were not into profanity, sex, drugs, and alcohol before listening to secular music, maybe this is why you have changed as a person. Secular music can make you a wild person not just in your actions, but in your mind. You’re singing about cheating on your best friend’s boyfriend, and you’re probably saying “I’m just singing the song.” but now you can’t get your mind off of your best friend’s boyfriend. There’s this song called ‘Bust Your Windows’ by Jazmine Sullivan, and I’ve read that so many women have busted the windows out of their cheating boyfriend’s car because of this song.

Secular music changes your mood – Do you ever wonder why you are aggressive after listening to music? Do you become sad after listening to music? I believe that this is the enemy bothering you through music. I remember I was listening to a Drake album and I was cleaning the kitchen with anger. My dad asked me “why are you so angry?” I said “I don’t know. Nothing is wrong with me.” He listened to the music in my earphones and said: “Maybe it is the music that you are listening to.” I thought to myself maybe he’s right. Secular music might be holding many people back. So many people are stuck in the depression spirit because they might be attached to the wrong music. I hear many people listen to sad music while they are full of sorrow, but they should be listening to music that makes them happy.


Secular music cannot help you become better – This section is for the lukewarm Christians. The ones that think that they can grow closer to God and still listen to worldly music. Secular music does not glorify God. It is the opposite of God. Any music that deals with lust, drugs, profanity, and alcohol are NEVER going to put you closer to God. All of that goes against the Bible, so why do you think that God is okay with you listening to that music? Why do you think that music will bring you closer to God? I’ll wait for your response. The Bible says in Mark 7:20-23 that what you put in you is impairing you to move forward to God. Verse 21 and 22 shows all of the wickedness stored in your heart, such as evil thoughts, sexual immorality, murder, adultery, and so much more. Check it out.

Secular music will give you anxiety, and your mind will race – You’re probably thinking “no, my life gives me anxiety and makes my mind race.” However, how do you think the anxiety spirit is starting? It’s starting from the music that you sow into you. You’re listening to secular music, and you become fearful of life. Maybe you are the type of person that listens to dark secular music. Darkness will always make you fear for no reason. The enemy wants you to be afraid of going to another level in your life like getting a new job, going to school, feeling hopeless or wanting life to end up shorter than God intends. The mind races because you are feeding the flesh secular music instead of feeding your spirit. God will give you so much peace if you start listening to Gospel/Christian music.

Secular music will make you feel trapped – The “Trap music” genre is pretty popular right now for people in the world and people that call themselves Christians. The genre name itself tells you that you are trapped. The devil is trapping you into this music so that you can never get to Christian music. He knows that those beats are going to keep you hooked. He knows you don’t care what the words say, but as long as the beat is right, you’re enjoying Trap music. Some of you are speaking bad things about yourself because you are singing the lyrics aloud. The Bible says “Death and life is in the power of the tongue.”(Prov.18:21). You’re singing and rapping about being ‘the baddest person,’ and you’re implementing that you are conceited. God does not like when you’re prideful or conceited. I believe Trap music mostly talks about drugs and alcohol, so a lot of young people are becoming trapped in the drug and alcohol cycle. Christians should not support Trap music because it is not of God. You can’t glorify God with Trap music speaking on drugs and being stuck in the drug house. God doesn’t want you to be trapped. He wants you to know about your purpose for His Kingdom! You cannot love Jesus and Trap music. You cannot serve two masters(Matt.6:24). Jesus does not want you stuck, but the enemy does, so that’s why you are addicted to worldly music.


God is not a God of confusion. He is not a God of fear. The Lord does not want you to be lost because of worldly music. Secular music will set you back in your attitude, mind, heart, and soul. The devil does not want you to move forward to greater things, so he uses a secular artist to make catchy beats to keep you behind. Pop, Rock, and Country music may seem okay, but if they do not strengthen your relationship with God, it’s still not okay. Come on now. Pop does not speak about the love of God, and I’ve heard some pop music that sneaks in death, fear, and lust. Rock music is all about sex, drugs, and alcohol. Country music isn’t even clean. It still speaks about sex in a soft guitar rhythm. We have to be careful about the music we listen to. The devil is tricky, and he does not want us to grow closer to God because of music.

I DECLARE and DECREE that music will NOT hold you back from your purpose! The devil’s music will NOT keep you from the KINGDOM OF GOD! Secular music tried to hold me back, but this year I have been in awe of Christian/Gospel music more than I ever have in the past. There’s so many catchy Christian/Gospel songs or albums that you can transition to from secular music. If you want me to make a post about it, please comment down below!

I hope that this post blessed you and it opened your eyes to secular music. I love you all, and I want you to be set free from the world’s music. God’s music is the best music. It takes away the anxiety, clears your mind, gives you peace and joy, and it makes you want to love Jesus! I’m telling you, I have never felt so great since I turned away from worldly music. I hope that you will try Gospel/Christian music after reading this post! Have a blessed day, evening or night!

Prayer: Lord, thank you for allowing us to get knowledge on why secular music is bad. Lord, we ask that you help us to get away from secular music and listen to Your lovely music! Please help us to grow closer to you through praise and worship music. Help us to read Your Word Lord Jesus! Thank You for releasing Your people from the enemy’s music. In Jesus name, Amen!

Colossians 3:16 NLT – Let the message about Christ, in all its richness, fill your lives. Teach and counsel each other with all the wisdom he gives. Sing psalms and hymns, and spiritual songs to God with thankful hearts.

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