The Unconditional Love of God

This is not a structured blog post like my other ones. This is a post of expressing my love for God. I’m hoping that you understand why I’m willing to blog my faith about God even when I’m unmotivated or when I’m simply idle(lazy). I serve an amazing God. The only true sovereign God. The only living God! God is so gracious and so loving and we need to show that as Christians. Maybe if we show our actual love for God by praying with people or talking about His goodness in person, unsaved people will want to receive His love as well.

Today, I express my love for Him. It’s an amazing thing to not just serve God, but to have a personal relationship with Him. I know He loves me because The Bible says so in John 3:16, but His presence is full of abundant love. People say “I can’t hug God, so I can’t feel His love.” It’s true that I can’t feel Him physically, but I can feel the love through worship, The Bible, prayer, and in my spirit. The warm and bubbly feeling that I get in my stomach indicates His love. I love God for just being Him. He’s kept me from evil and unseen danger. I thank Jesus for keeping me and loving me when I didn’t even love myself. I walked around in my early years in middle school feeling like a ugly girl. But, God still loved me even while I didn’t like myself as He created me.  

God loved me even while I cursed and lied. When I got saved, He didn’t make me feel less than for sinning. He continued to love me through it all and He still LOVES me today! I am a Daughter of a King! His love for me is so immeasurable. The beautiful thing about my relationship with Jesus is that He speaks directly to me through His word and also in my spirit. I hear His voice audibly in my spirit. He tells me how He is proud of me and how He loves me! It really makes me feel great and I think it is amazing to have personal talks with Jesus. Listen, He actually speaks back to me sometimes when I talk to Him. Even when He is silent, I still adore The Lord. His silence is even beautiful to me.

I think about how I’ve been betrayed in my life, but Jesus stood by me to wipe my tears and to remind me of who He is. His word says He will never leave nor forsake me(Heb.15:3) and I really do feel that. I LOVE The Lord’s gentleness and kindness towards me. He’s not aggressive when He speaks , but He’s stern with what He says. I felt God’s love when I was crying for friends during my freshmen year of college. I felt His love through every trial and tribulation. I felt His love when I was weak. I felt His love everytime I worshiped Him. 4-5 years ago, I wasn’t a person who cried. I was emotionless, but recently God has shown me my emotions towards Him. I cry out to Him and thank Him for His goodness.

God is so merciful and it hurts my heart to see so many people take His mercy for granted. It hurts when I take His mercy for granted. I’ve gained a great fear in The Lord. I don’t want to let Him down. I don’t want to sin, but even when I do, I repent. I ask Him for forgiveness when I have done wrong because He deserves better. God has done great things in my life that I will never be able to thank Him enough, even if I tried. He allowed me to attend college when I didn’t feel like I was going to get into college. Because of my low SAT score, I felt like I was going to a technical college(nothing wrong with tech, I just wanted to experience a 4 year college) instead of attending a 4 year university. But God, looked over that SAT score and still allowed me to go to school. He’s also allowed me to be currently in my last year of school. I’m grateful for this moment because He’s allowed me to learn so much about who He says He is while I’ve been here. I give my heart to Jesus because He’s sacrificed so much for me to be here right now! Jesus is amazing and He’s brought me out of things where I thought I would never get out of. I never thought that I would stop listening to secular music. I never thought that I would stop cursing. I never thought that I would have so much peace and joy in my life.

This year has been an amazing year of feeling God’s love. I was revived in His spirit this year. I committed myself to Him so that I could deepen my relationship with Jesus, I could hear His voice, and feel His amazing love through praise and worship. I enjoy church because I read the Bible and I praise and worship at home. I don’t just go to church and leave Jesus there. When people leave Jesus at church, they don’t feel Him as much as the people who give Him time through their week.

I spent time with Jesus and I wrote in my Notes on my phone how I truly felt about Him during my Quiet Time. I thought I should share this so you can understand my love while I spent time in His presence:



I just wanted to pour out my love to God, so that the world can know that they can receive this love that I’m feeling. God loved all of us before we were born and He loved us when we didn’t even know Him. Tell me what is it that you love about my GREAT GOD. I want to read it in the comments! I love you all, but I LOVE GOD more. Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing! Have an amazing day, evening, or night you all! I pray that this blessed you!

Prayer: Thank You God for Your unfailing love! Thank You for giving me peace and joy in my spirit. Thank you for looking out when I couldn’t see the danger that was aiming at me. Thank You for breathing in my body! Thank You for renewing and refreshing me when I am weak. Thank you for being there for me when everyone turned their back on me. In Jesus name, I thank you forever, Amen!

Exodus 15:13 NIV –  In your unfailing love you will lead  the people you have redeemed. In your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling.

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