Expressing Gratitude Daily

Expressing gratitude about your life is essential. Gratefulness makes you appreciate how blessed you are. I’m apart of a GroupMe chat that surrounds me in a godly women community called Women of the Word. When I first joined the conversation, I noticed that this was not a regular chat room. The owner, Brianna Black, would post devotionals almost every morning and after that, she’d say three things that she’s grateful for. She then would encourage other women to share what they are thankful for. At first, I seriously was trying to think about what I was grateful for in my life. I should have known off the top of my head, but I never challenged myself to see what I am thankful for. The only time that I notice thankfulness is literally during Thanksgiving.

Since I’ve been a part of the group chat for three months, I now can tell you what I am grateful for daily. Sometimes it is as simple as, being alive, family, and being in a house. I can go more in-depth about what I am grateful for, such as, appreciating God’s love, God’s presence, and His peace and understanding happening in my life. I woke up one morning extremely happy while I wrote in my “Conversations with Jesus” journal expressing my gratitude in life. I realized that being grateful in my life can make my day better and it can help me appreciate life even when things are going wrong.


Maybe you woke up with three hours of sleep in your system, but you spent an hour praising and worshiping Jesus, so that should help you turn away from your bad start. I haven’t slept well lately, and I don’t know if it is the enemy trying to knock me off track or if God wants me to talk in the wee hours of the morning. I wake up, pray, read devotionals, and get ready for class. I’m mentally tired, but I get through because of God’s strength. One week, I came home exhausted, but I immediately went to pray and gave my exhaustion to The Lord. My day didn’t start the way I wanted it to, but I continued to go through the day with a grateful heart knowing that I am alive. I was able to feel my heartbeat in my chest while someone else’s heart stopped. Another thing is God continued to love me even when I forgot to ask forgiveness for sins. God is not leaving or forsaking me even when everyone else may have left my life.

Express your gratitude to God in prayer. Thank Him for the good things. Thank Him for the bad things. Thank Him when you’re tired and Thank Him when you’re full of energy. God loves to hear when we are thanking Him. He LOVES when we worship Him. I don’t see why He wouldn’t. He deserves all of our praise for the things He’s done for us, what He’s kept us from, and just because He is GOD.

I want to show you some of the scriptures that talk about giving thanks to The Lord. Read below!

Bible Verses about Thanksgiving (not the holiday, gratitude towards God)

Psalm 69: 30 KJV – I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving.


Psalm 100:4 – Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.

Psalm 116:17 – I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of the Lord

One of my favorite verse about giving praise to God is Psalm 150:6 – “Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.” It is my favorite verse because this means everything that breathes should praise the Lord. The fantastic part about this is that the trees praise the Lord, the sun and moon praise the Lord, animals of all kind and insects praise the Lord. They thank God in their own way. That’s so beautiful that God’s own creations praise Him.


I’m grateful that God opened my eyes that I should enjoy what I do have instead of cry about what I don’t have. I want gratefulness to flow from my heart. I want to enjoy the goodness of Jesus in every way possible. I don’t want the enemy to take over my rough day. Even when I have a rough day that may seem impossible to get through, I still want to be happy about the day. I want to find gratefulness in an unpleasant day.

It may be gloomy in your life right now, and maybe you have a tough time trying to find happiness every day. Think about it, be grateful that you’re still making it. You didn’t give up even when people betrayed you time and time again. People said you wouldn’t make it to the school that you are at because you’re too Holy, you are not bright, or maybe you became a single mom. But look at you, you made it there! Be grateful! I challenge you to sit down and think about your life, what are you thankful for? Write it down so you can look back at it on your worst day. Express it to God, so that He can bring peace to your rough day.

I’ll share ten things I’m grateful for this year:

1.  I’m thankful to come back to God: Last year was a year of sorrow and backsliding. There were a lot of deaths going on, and I was confused to why and I listened to a lot of secular music. I didn’t want to speak to God after I lost my younger cousin and I almost lost a grandparent but Thank God He’s still here. It was a lot of things going on, and in January 2018, I decided to get my life together, but I failed until February, I became seriously committed to Jesus. I knew I needed to get back to God because I knew He called me to start a blog for Him. I couldn’t fumble with the world and with God at the same time. I’m so grateful that He welcomed me back with open arms. It was like the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) moment in The Bible. I am so excited to get back to Him and live for Him wholeheartedly.

2. I’m grateful that I left secular music alone: I’ve written on here why secular music is bad to listen to as you walk with Christ. Secular music held me back from a peaceful mindset. I would listen to worldly music, and I could not sleep with my racing mind. I can think about better things than being anxious about life. I’m so happy to listen to Christian/Gospel music. It puts peace in my mind and always reminds me of how GREAT GOD is in my life.

3. I’m grateful to be able to hear God’s voice: A lot of people struggle with this. Sometimes I have my moments, but I’m learning that God will always tell you to do good things and the devil will always tell you bad things about your life. I still understand that I have to test the spirit by the spirit because sometimes Satan is very sneaky. For example, if you’re in the dating pool, He can make a man seem like a Christian, loves the Word, He goes to church on Sundays and Bible study on Wednesdays but entertains wickedness by cheating on you with several other women, lying, and never sober-minded.

4. I’m grateful for the gift of the tongue: I enjoy the Holy Spirit moving me in a mighty way that I begin to speak in tongues. I can tap into the Heavenly language. The Holy Spirit uses me to pray in the tongues. It’s such a beautiful experience. If you want to experience this, ask God to help you speak in tongues.

5. I’m grateful for peace: I used to be full of anxiety and just scared about life, but God has given me peace to rest in Him. He is going to take care of my life. A lot of people are scared to graduate from college, but I just feel fearless about graduating. I don’t fear about finding a job because God knows where I will end up after graduating. I have to continue to connect with Him, so I will know what is going to happen when I do graduate in Spring 2019 (woop woop!)

6. I’m grateful that I am in my last year of college: It’s been a difficult college experience as a Christian college student. There were a lot of lonely nights and sometimes it still is because I don’t entertain worldly activities. I’ve lost a lot of friends from high school and lost friends while I’ve been in college. I even dealt with two terrible roommates. The greatest thing is knowing that God has always been with me since I’ve been here. He’s been whispering that I’ll make it through since I started college. I’ve learned so much about who I am as a person, learning to discern people that come into my life, and I even sowed seeds in people who liked me and the ones who didn’t. I always knew that I was here for a reason because honestly, I didn’t want to go to the school I am attending, but I am so glad I am here now. I’m grateful to have met the people I’ve met and experienced this beautiful campus.

7. I’m grateful to be a Graphic Design major: There’s so much beauty in art, and I’m glad that The Lord lead me to something that I have loved since I was in middle school. I wanted to go to school for Web Design, but I didn’t get into the school that I wanted to right away. I was about to start college as an IT major and The Lord lead my mom and I to find Graphic Design. I remember my mom was looking up the classes for IT and it was a lot of math, and I remember saying I don’t want to do a lot of math. We begin searching for things that related to art, and we were lead to Graphic Design. I heard the classes and immediately felt like that’s what I wanted to do. I’ll talk about why I chose Graphic Design in a future post!

8. I’m grateful to be alive: Simple as that, I enjoy waking up in the morning. The way that I can open my eyes every morning is just amazing to me. I make sure I thank God for a new day even when I’m tired. I would never be alive without God breathing into me. It’s so amazing you guys! Thank You, Jesus! Someone wasn’t able to get up, but God decided for me to see another day!

9. I’m grateful for change: I’m changing so much because of God. I am not the same person that I was when I started in 2018. I never thought that I would be connecting myself with God every day. I read my Word almost every day. The Lord is allowing me to see dreams that can help me grow or allow me to pray for my family. The dreams are showing now because I’m connecting with God and He feels connected to me to share. Through prayer, I’m growing as a patient person. I know how to talk to people better. I’m not as harsh as I was. My speech is gentle towards people even when I’m mad. Wow! That’s amazing how God can change me, and He can change you too! I’m also able to understand the Bible and read with joy. One time, I felt like I could not understand the Bible and I thought it was boring. I’m excited for the woman of God that I am becoming.

10. You know I had to save the best for last! I’m grateful for this blogging opportunity! I started this blog in February 2018. My blog is almost a year old! Oh my goodness. It’s grown a lot, but I know it could’ve improved so much more if I stayed obedient even when I felt unmotivated. I’m grateful that God called me to do another thing that I’m passionate about which is writing. I found the love of writing in my junior year of high school. I wrote a story on Wattpad called Ugly Girl, and it is still up on the site. I was a sixteen-year-old girl that was trying to push out why having confidence as a dark-skinned girl is essential. Back to the blog though, I am so happy to read comments on how this blog is blessing people and helping people on their walk with Christ! I want to continue to blog for His Glory! I never want to be glorified by my stories. God allowed me to go through things that I talk about on here so that you all can become better from my mistakes and stories. I wouldn’t have gotten here without God. I wouldn’t have known what to do if I didn’t get back to God.

I’m grateful to write again. Pray for my consistency! I know I’m called to blog, and I want to do it wholeheartedly. I’ve watched a lot of sermons where God is speaking to me to be serious with my calling. I’m coming back with plenty of content stored up! Get ready to read for the rest of the year from me! I love you all! Learn to express your gratitude, so that the Lord can let you see how great your life is!

Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing! Have a beautiful day, evening or night!

Prayer: Lord, thank you for showing us that gratitude is important to notice in our lives. So many of us are comparing ourselves to others because we are not grateful for our life. Help us to see that there is beauty in our lives because YOU created it! Help the ones that are going through a tough time with their life. Help them to focus on the positive things that are going on instead of negative thoughts. Lord help us to give YOU thanks because YOU DESERVE ALL THE PRAISE! We LOVE YOU, LORD! In Jesus name, Amen!

Psalm 148:5 KJV – Let them praise the name of the Lord: for he commanded, and they were created.




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    Wow sis! Amazing post. Gratitude can definitely be overlooked, and especially being that we feel obligated to have blessings or have what we have. It’s important to stop and realize how wonderful God has been to us!

    Brie 💕💕

    • 2

      Thank you for reading Brie ♥️ I agree with you! Sometimes we think we deserve anything when we deserve nothing from God. Gratefulness shows that we appreciate what God is doing in our life even when it’s not perfect.

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    Dewi maria

    Thanks Chelle for keep motivating us around the world. Im reading and subscribe for you from Indonesia. I pray that you always keep that fire burning inside you, coz really it is a blessed. Im feeling much more stronger coz I know there’s another girl through the same journey as mine and grateful to know we are in this journey together. Thanks again Chelle . Jesus loves youu !!

    • 4

      Praise God 🙌🏾🙌🏾😭 I feel so blessed to read your comment! I’m so glad that the blog is inspiring to grow stronger in Christ. May God continue to bless you sister! I’m amazed that my blog has reached you in Indonesia 😩🧡 thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate it! Jesus loves you too!!

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