Church Dosage

Have you ever met someone in the church and hung out with them during the weekend? Do you realize that this person acts differently on the weekend? They like to go to clubs, drink simultaneously, and they use foul language. This person goes to church only on Sundays, and they never change their actions. There’s a lot of people that do this every week. People go to church for different reasons. Some go to church to get a Word from God so they can do better for the upcoming week and if they go to Bible Study, they learn so they can get through the rest of the week.

There are others that enjoy going to church because they just feel that it’s the right thing to do. They aren’t interested in hearing a Word from God, but they are only there because mom or dad told them “church is a good place to attend.” Last, but not least, there are the ones that go to church, feel good from the Word and the worship service, and leave out the church cursing and playing their profane music. The last one is a lot of people in the church.


Just because we go to church doesn’t mean we’re going to Heaven. I don’t know who told you that, but that’s not true. The title is called church dosage because some people treat church like a dose of drugs. Some people feel like the church is their high. The church is not supposed to be a dosage for us. It’s supposed to be a part of an ongoing lifestyle. We’re being fooled by the enemy that if we go to church, we’ll be okay. No ma’am or no sir, being a Christian is more than going to church.

It’s about having a relationship with God. It’s about grasping a deeper understanding of who God is.  It’s about worshipping Him throughout the week because He’s been that GREAT to us! Going to church is more than just praise and worship. It’s about learning about the Bible and how to battle this dark world with Jesus in our heart, mind, body, and soul. I’ve watched a lot of family members go to church, and they leave the church like they never heard anything from the Bible.

Reading the Bible won’t get you to Heaven either. We can scan through the Bible all day, but if we are never applying the Word to our life, then it’s pointless. The same thing goes for church. If we are going to church and leaving the same way we came, we are not applying anything to what we’ve heard in sermons. The pastor could address a whole sermon about foul language, and we will still go back out there deciding to use foul language. I can tell you from experience that it is hard to stop cursing when you use that language daily. But, when we decide to take action and pray to God that we want to stop using profanity, He’ll help us.


We need to go to church and come out of there as changed people. We should be making the enemy feel threatened through our actions. We should be loving and friendly to all and stop being envious of others. Everything that our pastors preach about from the Word of God should be shown to the world. So many people could become a pure light of God if they get out of the “church dosage” mentality.  This world could be so much better if people found the church to be more than just a ‘good place’ to worship. It would be even better if people spoke(prayed) to God all through the week, worshipped and read the Bible on Monday – Saturday.

Start going to church expecting to become better for the week. Start reading your Bible and stop getting a dosage of the church. Learn more about God from what He says and who He says you are. Don’t just go to church because you’ve been taught that it’s a good thing to do. Go to church to feel the presence of The Lord. Go to church for a Word from God. The church is a great place to meet other people who have a desire to know God.

If you have kids, teach your children that church is more than just a Sunday thing. Let them know how good God is throughout the week. Stop playing this profane music in front of these babies and then wondering where they picked up cursing from. Play Gospel music in the car with them. If someone bumps into you in public, perform a righteous act and just ignore it. Don’t show your child retaliation is godly because it’s not.

God loves all of His children, and He wants you to stop going to church just for a dosage of His presence. He wants you to connect with Him throughout the week. God wants to hear from You. He’s excited to hear your voice. Everyone on this Earth has a purpose, and The Lord wants to show you where you are going. He can’t show you where you are going when you’re just going to church. You have to pray and give Him time throughout the week.

I love you all, and I hope that this post touched you in some way. Have awesome week friends! It’s a blessing to serve you all through the words from God.

Prayer: In Jesus name, we ask that you help us to desire a relationship with You. Help us to go to church to get a Word from You and feel Your presence. Help us to enjoy your presence throughout the week. Lord let us live for You wholeheartedly. Help us to confuse the devil with our praises towards You. Lord Jesus, we can’t keep going to church and leaving the same way we came. We won’t become better for You like that.  Remind us that we won’t make it to the Kingdom just because we go to church. We break the stronghold of the enemy trying to keep us away from the great things that You have for us. In Jesus, we thank you, Amen!

2 Timothy 3: 12-13 NKJV – [12] Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. [13] But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

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