Godly Women vs. Worldly Women

I feel like people don’t understand the difference between a woman of God and a woman of the world. It can be hard to differentiate the two because some worldly women walk around saying that they are Christians. These women aren’t even portraying what it means to be a Christian woman. Maybe you’re a woman that wants to become a woman of God, but you don’t know how. Maybe there’s a man in your family or friends that think he’s pursuing a woman of God, but he is pursuing a woman of the world.

Alright, so the first way you can tell between a godly woman and a worldly woman is by their modesty. How is this woman dressing? Is she showing all of her behind and her breast? A woman of God is always mindful of the clothes that she puts on because she doesn’t want her brothers in Christ to slip into lustful thoughts. She doesn’t want men whistling at her and approaching her like a hungry dog. I’m not saying that woman of God are going to wear turtlenecks and long skirts to their ankles all the time. No offense to any woman that actually dress like that. Godly women want to dress appropriate at all times, so they aren’t giving any loophole for temptation.

Sometimes worldly women don’t care. They do like to dress comfortable, but they aren’t thinking about whose looking at them with lustful eyes. They want to be trendy and fashionable. I hear women say “I’m not dressing for men. I’m dressing for myself.” It maybe true, but worldly women have no idea what loopholes they open up when they are dressing in a manner of showing almost bare skin. Face it! We’re born in sin and all of our minds can go somewhere. As a woman, seeing shirtless or muscular men can tempt our imagination. As a man, seeing a woman in a crop top and booty shorts can tempt their imagination. It’s all the trick of the enemy that we become lustful because lust is a sin. We can’t get into the Kingdom as lustful creatures. So next time, think about what the woman is showcasing through her outward appearance.


A godly woman and a worldly woman can be differentiated from their speech. How does this woman speak to people? Is she putting people down all the time or is she lifting people up? Is her mouth pouring out a bunch of curse words or is she speaking with kindness? The way that a woman talks definitely shows you that she serves God. The Bible speaks a lot about how we should speak to one another. My favorite verse from Proverbs 15:1 states “A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare.” This scripture is telling us that we should approach people with a soft and kind voice and not a harsh tone. Just think about it, if you approach a person the wrong way by yelling at them, they are going to automatically become defensive and argue back with you. You can communicate effectively, if you start speaking to someone with a better approach. A godly woman knows what to say and what they shouldn’t say because the Holy Spirit guides them.

A worldly woman again, says things without a filter. They don’t have Jesus to speak to them in their spirit and tell them “don’t say that” and if they do, they are definitely not listening. Most worldly women in the modern day use profane language to prove a point, so if they use any of those words, they are not portraying a godly woman. I know because I was a girl that had no filter whatsoever. I said whatever I wanted even when I stopped using curse words. I hurt people’s feelings without thinking. That’s another example of a worldly woman, they continue to put people down without thinking “maybe I shouldn’t have said that. That hurt his or her feelings.” Godly women and worldly women have different ways of speaking to others, so that’s another way of pointing out a woman of God and a woman of the world.

Godly women and worldly women characters are so different. Godly women know from God’s word that they are to portray the fruit of the Spirit which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. (Gal.5:22-23 NLT) Women of God show love to others where ever they go. They are filled with God’s joy and peace covers them like a blanket. Godly women are supposed to be patient, but we’re all working on that one continuously, right Women of God? They are kind to people of all kinds. There should be no discrimination or no acts of rudeness to people. Godly women are faithful because they want to please God with their lives and when they speak to others, they are being gentle in their voice and actions. Godly women also know when to hold their tongue or their flaring emotions towards someone. A godly woman is called to act like Jesus and He is the most caring and patient One that godly women know. He’s always loving and kind. He’s forgiving and extends mercy and grace towards us when we are underserving of it. You can tell who a godly woman is through their fruits and their good character.


There’s some nice worldly women, I must admit, but they aren’t as nice as they could be if they followed Christ. A worldly woman can trick you through their character. They can seem nice, but underneath they can be unfaithful. Most of the time worldly women have a hard time of being happy for each other, and that’s nothing but a spirit. They become jealous and wait for you to fail. They are good at pretending. They know how to act like they are happy for others, but deep down they despise that others are doing great. Women of the world also are sometimes seducers. They are okay with fornicating with every man that lays eyes on them or that they lay their eyes on. I mean in this modern day, women of the world have become so perverted that they mess with other women. I could go on, but I’ll point you to the scripture that gives you the evidence of a worldly woman, which is Galatians 5:19-21.

Character is definitely a way of telling the difference between a worldly woman and a godly woman. If you’re calling yourself a Christian woman and you still have a lot of issues in the worldly women category, it’s time to ask God to come in and cleanse your heart ma’am.

Women of God and women of the world are also told on through their actions. The way that they act in public and in private will tell it all. The woman of God knows that if she’s around worldly people that like to party or smoke, she has to get away from them. A woman of God is not going to entertain drunkenness and wild parties. Parties aren’t the problem, but when there’s drunk people, profane language, and ungodly music, it’s not going to end up well for a woman of God. Her mind will go somewhere else when she gets home. She would have the urge to entertain more wild parties because of her flesh. A woman of God knows where she needs to be to keep her flesh in check and strengthen her spirit. No, she doesn’t only go to church, but she has an image to portray for God’s Kingdom.

A woman of the world sometimes entertain clubs, becomes drunk, and will not have a problem with cursing out everyone. Her actions show that she has no morals for God. She only goes to church when it’s convenient for her such as, she wants to receive a blessing from God or she knows it’s the right thing to do. The way that she acts can give away that she is a selfish woman. The women that you see on television are women of the world. You will not catch a woman of God fighting in the streets or in the club. Worldly women should be easily noticed through their actions.

Godly women and worldly women can never be put in the same category because they are entertaining two different things. A godly woman wants to strengthen her Spirit and become better for Jesus. A worldly woman entertains her flesh and allows the devil to use her. Women of the world don’t even know how much they are being used by evil spirits. Women of God notice that the enemy is trying to get them to act out of their character. The woman of God only know these things from reading the Bible. The Bible is not irrelevant my friend, it is more relevant than you know. The Bible is teaching women of God not to play with the devil or his evil tactics. The women of the world won’t know that because they don’t read the Bible. They just walking around saying “that’s just my personality.” No you’re allowing the devil to use you. Come to the light worldly women because you’re playing with darkness.

This is the best way to tell between a godly woman and worldly woman from their modest appearance, speech, characters, their actions, and most likely more. This can go for men as well because they aren’t angels. If you saw yourself in any of this post as a worldly woman, you need to do better and stop calling yourself a Christian until you get it together. I hope that this helped with anybody that couldn’t tell the difference between a godly woman and worldly woman. I love you and have a great week! Thank you for sharing and reading!

Question: Are there any other ways that you can tell between a godly woman and a worldly woman? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear it!

Prayer: In Jesus name, thank you for showing us the difference between Your women and the world’s women. Men and women need to know the difference between the two, so they aren’t entertaining anybody against Your will. God we’re praying for the worldly women that are labeling themselves as Christians and are not presenting Your fruits. Help them Lord to come to you open hearted. Change their hearts, minds, and spirits Lord Jesus. Only You can do this Jesus! Save these worldly women and men from the hands of the enemy. God make them new! Cleanse them as white as snow Jesus! We love You and we thank You for what You are doing in our lives. In Jesus name, Amen!

Galatians 5:16-17 [16] I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. [17] For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; and these are contrary to one another, so that you do not do the things that you wish.


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