8 Ways to Shut Down the Enemy’s Voice

You know the enemy is always talking. It doesn’t matter if you are living for Jesus or not. He always has something to say to someone. He has people out here feeling depressed, feeling worthless, and maybe having suicidal thoughts. Either way he’s not happy until someone feels terrible about themselves or struggles with anxiety.

As I was taking a walk with one of my friends, I was thinking about people who have murdered their loved ones, mass groups of people, or taking their lives away. Where does the root of these issues come from? Yeah it has something to do with mental illness, but, before the mental illness, it starts with the enemy and his tactics to take everyone out including non-Christians. This little voice speaks into all of our minds saying crazy things such as “nobody cares about you. So just kill yourself.” “That wife of yours is cheating on you. Go ahead and kill her.” These might be the thoughts that enter murderers or suicidal victims’ minds. The sad part is that they don’t realize the enemy is after their life, their family, and friend’s lives.

As a Christian, we may listen to the enemy strip down our worth or make us feel unimportant by our loved ones. We may have doubts that God didn’t call us to a certain part of our purpose because the enemy says, “God didn’t tell you to do that.” It’s a battlefield in our minds for all of us, and it is time to take action today! We cannot allow the enemy to keep us grounded from our purpose or plant in our minds to eliminate people off of this Earth. I hope that I can help you shut down the enemy’s voice because it’s time for his voice to hush.

1. Speak back to the enemy – When the enemy decides to tell you what you can’t do or he tells you to do something crazy like cutting yourself, you tell him “No I’m not doing that! Hush! I will not operate to the sound of your voice.” Sometimes we let our minds wander and we feel overwhelmed with the crazy thoughts entering our head. You know you would never say or do that, so don’t listen to what he says.


2. Quiet your mind – Sit down in a quiet place and just put your mind on how good God is. Speak to Jesus in your mind. He will calm your mind that is full of overwhelming thoughts. The enemy is always able to enter into our minds when it’s noisy and places all kind of thoughts there. The enemy is attracted to noise because it is a distraction from hearing God. Your mind is so loud at night because you never give it time during the day to adjust to tranquility and stillness.

3. Journaling – Empty all your thoughts on a piece of paper whether it’s good or bad. The frustrating voice in your mind will leave because your mind is free. You are able to think better when you jot down all your thoughts on a piece of paper or your phone. Try it out if you haven’t done it already.

4. Praying – Yesss! I couldn’t leave this out. Pray that noisy voice away. Start off with giving God thanks and then let go of all your anxiousness, fear, and be honest about those crazy thoughts in your head. The Lord loves transparency and He loves when you’re honest about your thoughts. He also knows these thoughts are not coming from you. They are sent from the enemy to distract you and to make you feel bad.

5. Read your Bible – Okay, let’s be real! It can be hard to read your Bible because the enemy is always trying to distract you during this time. Say a prayer to the Lord to quiet your mind, heart, and spirit before you start reading. He will do it for you. There’s so many times where my mind would drift off while reading. I like to read Psalms aloud, so that the enemy can hear me crumble him up through these great declarations. If you don’t think any book in the Bible can’t quiet your mind, try Psalms.


6. Listen to worship music – After listening to pure worship music, the enemy’s voice will quiet down. Worship songs speak God’s Word over your life and the enemy can’t fight over the Bible!

7. Write down your fears & doubts – Write what makes you afraid about moving forward and pray that it dismisses your life.  When you write down your fears and doubts, write about how you want to overcome them. WARNING – when you do this, just know you will have some trials with that fear because the Lord wants to drive it out of you. God is not a magician. He’s not going to be like “POOF be gone fear!” He wants to teach you a lesson from that fear. For example, if you fear trusting God and you pray about that, it’s not just going away. There’s going to be suffering and the Lord is going to show trust towards you at the end of your trial.

8. Fasting – Fasting is a great way to shut down the enemy’s voice. When it’s just you and God communing together, the enemy has no way to break into your time together especially when you’re focused on only God. You’re not thinking about Instagram and Twitter DMs. When your focus is on God, your mind is clear. Fast from social media, food, sweets, whatever your flesh enjoys the most, and subject your flesh to the fast. If you’ve never fasted before, I’d say take 3 hours out of your day to come before God and stay away from whatever you’re fasting from. I will be writing a blog post in the future about fasting, so stay tuned! I’d say speak with God about how He wants you to fast because fasting with your own strength is hard. For example, if you like eating breakfast, then you’ll try to fast three hours before breakfast. If you like eating lunch or dinner, you’ll fast three hours before those times, so you can eat lunch or dinner. The best thing to do is go to God about fasting.

The enemy has no power to rule over us. God has given us the authority to shut down the enemy’s voice. It’s about time that we do that. Mental illness is real, but the enemy plays a big part in that type of illness because he’s pretty sick and not in a good way. The enemy hates happiness, laughter, joy, and anything that deals with a bright and sunny day. He’d rather you be held down by the gloomy weather and become depressed. He’d rather you take your life and other people’s lives. I’m praying that these eight things will help you shut down the enemy’s voice. I hope you share this with your family & friends. The enemy is destroying the nation with his voice in people’s ears. I wish more people could know that the enemy is ruthless and is trying to take us all down.

Have a great week amazing people! God loves you! He never wants you to harm yourself or others. He wants you to find peace and leave your doubts, anxiousness, and fears at His feet. I love you all! Thank you so much for sharing and reading! It truly means a lot that God’s Word is getting out there and is impactful to you all!

Prayer: Lord we thank You for giving us several things to shut down the enemy’s voice. Thank you for always pushing us to be better. Thank you for convicting us and not condemning us! Lord we ask that You look over our minds! Let our thoughts rest at Your feet. Instill peace and tranquility in our minds, hearts, and souls. Lord You are a GREAT Father and we want to live for You! The enemy is not allowed in our minds. He cannot captivate our thoughts with things that are against Your will! In Jesus name, the enemy must FLEE from our minds right now! In Jesus name, Amen!

James 4:7 – Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

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