Don’t Lose The Vision

Many of us get a vision from God. He shows us a visual of what He wants us to do in our life. He could verbally tells us what He wants done. However you’re receiving your purpose from God, you’re getting His vision for your life. You’re excited about what God told you, and go out and tell people about this vision. Your peers or family are not excited about the vision as you are. Your family and friends question if God even told you that. Now you’re doubting what you knew God told you.

Many of us lose the vision because we’re talking too much. We’re wasting our time telling people that don’t even see the vision. Don’t you know that you serve an extraordinary God? He wants to do extraordinary things in your life, but if you doubt what He can do, you will lose the vision.

I’ve been watching a lot about Walt Disney on Netflix. I’ve watched a documentary about him and a movie called Walt Before Mickey. I want to focus on the movie I watched. Walt Disney started out as an aspiring animator. He saw this vision of having his own animation studio before Disneyland/ Disney World came into the picture. As a kid, he used to draw on a barnyard of their family farm. Disney’s father thought it was silly that he would draw all over the place, and his mom thought he was just being a child. In the movie, Disney claimed that his uncle and his brother was the only ones that believed his drawings would go someplace. For a while, Disney went to animation school where he learned how to draw better.

From there, he asked his friend to join him and start an animation studio. While Disney was trying to start his own studio, he went through many hardships. He would ask companies to rent out a space for him and his small crew to work. In order to keep these spaces, he had to come up with an animation for the company, and also pay a fee. Disney wouldn’t be able to keep up with the fee, so he would be evicted from the space. He also lost his apartment in the process of trying to keep the studio space to work. Disney had trouble paying his crew because he wasn’t making money from the short films.


Through all of this, Walt Disney never lost hope in owning an animation studio. People were being unfair in contracts. His crew returned and tried to work for Disney when things were getting better. Disney still couldn’t pay them properly, so they left him again except one of his friends and his wife. Nobody was seeing the vision, but these two and Disney. The workers were worrying about getting paid instead of helping Disney succeed.

When I watched that film, I thought about how people probably told Walt Disney that he was crazy for desiring his own animation studio. People thought he lost his mind when he said he wanted to create amusement parks that is today known as Disneyland and Disney World. The thing is that he never listened to people. He persevered even when he didn’t have any money. He chased the vision even when people turned their backs on him. We wouldn’t have Disneyland or Disney World. There would be no such thing as Snow White, Bambi, Little Mermaid, and many Disney movies. Walt Disney didn’t lose the vision to make his dreams come into a reality.

You shouldn’t lose God’s vision for you because someone said “you couldn’t make it happen.” We can’t make it happen on our own, but God can. He’s the One that gave you the vision tailor made JUST FOR YOU. Nobody can walk in the vision that God has for you, but yourself!


When I started this blog and was telling people I’m going to be a blogger, some people were like okay cool, others were like “are you sure you can handle that?” Yeah of course, I can handle it because I felt like God called me to this. When you know God called you to it, you do what He tells you to with confidence. I started this blog knowing if God called me to this thing, then He will help me maintain it. Look at how this blog is blessing so many people all over the world. People are learning things that they have never learned before. People are being encouraged because I stepped into the call when others was like “I don’t know if God called you to that.”

I see this blog going places that no one sees, and I know God has called me to level up on this ministry. Has my vision been shaken for the last several months? Yeah because people telling me their views on what God has called me to. Sometimes, I take their views and don’t believe in God’s plan for my life. It’s important to hold onto the vision whether your resources are low, peers and family members making you feel some type of way, and when you start to doubt yourself.

I don’t know if Walt Disney was a Christian, but let me tell you I want to have  unshakeable faith like that. I want to keep walking in my purpose God has for me, even when I can’t see it right now. You know that you’ve gotten enough confirmation! God wants you to move in that direction, but you’re caring about people. Don’t worry about the people that are doubting you. They’ll catch up later. You don’t have time to make them see the vision. It’s been a year since I’ve started the blog and now I’m receiving comments like “God is using you through this blog.” At the time, I only saw partially where this blog would go, but God is saying, “Let’s go higher. Let’s get bigger” You would never be looking at this blog if I listened to people or felt like I couldn’t do it.


Don’t lose the vision friends! God’s vision can take you to better places in your life. You could be writing a book today and years later, you’re on a talk show discussing your book. You could be blogging about your faith or fashion and BOOM! God gives you more ideas to expand your blog into something bigger than you can imagine. You’re a background singer/dancer right now, but God has you as the lead singer or lead dancer in six months from now. You want to build a restaurant? Cool. Think bigger about that restaurant! Where do you see it going? You know what God told you my sister or my brother, now act on it!

I don’t think we believe in Ephesians 3:20 like we say we do. “Now to Him who is able to do EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.” God can exceed your expectations of what you think or ask.

We got to stop putting God in this box. We have to stop limiting what He can do. God already said He can do exceedingly abundantly, so act like it! The definition of exceed is “go beyond what is allowed or stipulated by (a set limit, especially of one’s authority). The definition of abundant is “existing or available in large quantities; plentiful” So if we put these words together that means going beyond the set limit in a LARGE way! Wow! That sounds like God to me.

We can’t dream big when we’re telling the vision to people that have no dreams! Another scripture in the Bible says that God don’t think like us, so we’re thinking “God this might not work out because I have bills to pay. I can’t quit my job like that.” “God I can’t go that route because after college, I got to start paying off these student loans.” God is asking you “Do you not know who I am?” God says in His Word. “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways.” (Isaiah 55:8-9)

I like to think of God’s voice like this, if He tell you to do something unordinary that doesn’t go against His will, that’s Him. There’s too many times God has told me to do something different that humans don’t normally do. He’s probably done the same for you.

What did God tell you? What is His vision for your life? Write it down! Stare at it and don’t lose it. Watch how your life unfolds when you follow God’s vision for your life. I’m telling you, I’m walking in it right now and I am amazed at the power of God. It’s not easy walking in this vision alone, but it’s worth it.

I love you guys! I’m praying that this blog posts blessed you in some way. I hope it inspires you to hold onto the vision and ignore people’s views.

Reminder: Always be respectful about what others are saying to you. Especially if you’re my age and you want to tell people “I know what God told me so…shut it down.” Don’t go around saying that to people especially your elders.

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Prayer: Lord, thank You for reminding us not to lose the vision that You’ve given us. Help us to hold onto that vision. When people ask us what’s the next move, give us the words to say to them. Thank You Lord for reminding us that You are a BIG God and You can do BIG things in our lives. Lord help us to receive humility, wisdom, strength, and discernment to move in the way that You want us to. In Jesus name, we love You and we thank You for trusting us with our specific purpose. In Jesus name, Amen!

Isaiah 55:11 NKJV – “So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”

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