A Job Moment During my Freshmen Year

Ohhh freshmen year, a trying time in my life. It was the first step to taking God seriously. I remember telling God I wanted to grow closer to Him when I go off to college. I didn’t want to be like everybody else in college. That statement was exactly what I received when I first stepped on campus in 2015.

There was a summer program that I had to attend for a month in July. The program was about learning about being a leader and we were able to start earlier than other freshmen. As a usual freshman, getting away from the normal environment was exciting! I was ready to change into this person that was talkative and wanted to make a lot of friends. God was saying no, you’re actually not about to be who you think you want to be.

I remember meeting my roommate for the first time. In my head, I wanted to hangout with her and get to know her.

That wasn’t how it went…

My first roommate didn’t show care for me like that. A lot of times, she wouldn’t be in the room. She wanted to hang out with her best friend who was in another room. Why didn’t they get a room together, you ask? I’m not going to put out her business like that, but just know she was sharing a room with me. For the first couple of weeks, my roommate and I were on good terms. She would talk to me and ask me to sit with her and her friends at the dining hall. The third week of the program, my roommate was a different person. She had no respect for me when I was sleeping. I’m a light sleeper, so she would come in the room around 3am being loud on her phone. I remember once I stared at her like are you serious? She asked “what’s wrong with you?” like she didn’t disrupt my sleep at 3 am and we had to go to 8 am classes for the program. Many times I would be extremely tired because of her 3am activity.


There was an incident where she would leave her key a couple of times and I had to open the door so that she could get back in. Of course, she had to be doing this on purpose. One day, she banged on the door to get back in the room at 3am and I was livid. I opened the door, she came in, and climbed in her bed without saying ‘sorry I left my key.’ I lied in bed that night saying, “enough is enough. I’m going to the RA (Resident Advisor).” I had talked to her before and told her how I felt about how she was disrespecting me and I remember her rolling her eyes at me or snickering.

I went to the RA and told her my issue with my roommate. She told me she was going to talk to my roommate without her knowing I came to her about the issue. It didn’t work out that way sadly. My RA told me to get away from the building and find a place to go while she talked to her. As a newbie, I didn’t really know where to go. I stayed away enough to be able to find my building easily. I started calling my mom panicking and hoping my roommate wouldn’t find out that I snitched on her. She was trying to calm me down and I waited for awhile until I felt like the conversation was over. When I returned back, I didn’t see her in our room. I took a deep breathe and thanked God. Then I realized that evening, I had to go to a mandatory event with the program.

I was going to have to see my roommate’s best friend because she was in my group (we were sectioned off in groups and had to attend events with that same group). I was sitting in front of her best friend and I remember her asking me aloud “Nychelle, why’d you snitch on my friend?” Ohhh the embarrassment of people staring at me as I stuttered trying to get out the words “she was disrespecting me.” After the event, people from the program started looking at me differently, even our mentors. A lot of people liked my roommate. At this time, I really felt alone. I remember always calling my mom and talking to my high school friends about everything that was going on.  I was hoping that when school actually started, it would get better. I knew some people from school that were coming in August. I had family that was going to be there. I was ready to be done with this program.


August came around. I was still in the room with my roommate. I was in the process of trying to move out because my roommate started acting funny after I told on her. It was too much tension to bear. While trying to get out of the room, my roommate’s disrespect towards me escalated. She didn’t just disrespect me while I was sleep at night, she would use the overhead light at 3am. No desk lamp or nothing. She was really mad and her best friend would return with her sometime. I remember her best friend sat on my bed while I was trying to get sleep. Ohhh, you’re probably like “I would’ve kicked her off.” But the Holy Ghost wouldn’t allow me to retaliate. I knew Jesus was with me in this situation because I would’ve been fighting.

I stayed in the room from  July to October. I had a delay with my RA trying to get my roommate out of the room, since my suitemates said that she didn’t help clean the bathroom. She couldn’t get kicked out of the room, so I had to leave. I was scared to leave because I didn’t want to move and deal with another bad roommate. God spoke to me that day as I was getting ready to move “It will get better.” I trusted His words and I felt at peace knowing that it was going to be better.  My second roommate was a great roommate from the end of my freshmen year

I could never give you the whole version because you would be here all day reading. As I was reading  Job one day, I read about how the devil had a conversation with God asking for permission to bother his servant Job. The devil didn’t believe that Job would still worship God if he lost everything. God told the devil to go ahead, but don’t touch him. The devil agreed and started to wreck Job’s life (Job 1). During my freshmen year, I felt like God gave the devil permission to bother me. It showed him that I would still praise and trust The Lord during my situation. With a roommate like my first one, I should have lost my mind. I should have been fighting and ended up out of school. In 2016, I lost majority of my friends in high school for various reasons.

I had a family member that didn’t care to deal with me because I didn’t want to be apart of the party scene. I felt broken from mid 2015 to honestly early 2017. I was losing a lot of people to growth in Christ. I wasn’t having the best college experience because I had another bad roommate during my sophomore year. She basically didn’t like me and accused me of things I didn’t do. I didn’t know what was going on, but like Job I continued to praise God. I continued to love on Him. I wasn’t as good as Job. I backslid a couple of times, but I still wanted God.


My freshmen year showed me who people were behind the mask and that I could handle whatever was thrown at me. The devil didn’t win. He thought he had me when he kept throwing jabs my way through people. God got me through it all and I am living proof that He will get you through life too. I dare you to praise God like Job. Continue to love on the Lord no matter what happens to you. Job literally lost everything he had.

I lost my friends, a lot of sleep, felt like I lost my joy in life, family was tearing apart, and I did all of that to grow closer to God. Yeah, you might think that sounds crazy, but when I look back, all I lost was an investment for a come up.

Life is much better today in 2019 than it’s ever been. My faith in God has increased tremendously. The enemy is still mad at me. Oh life is good! When I felt like I lost things in my life, God was still with me. He was coaching me in my freshmen year to become the woman of God I am maturing into today. When I should’ve popped my roommate and her best friend in the head, God was saying no, that’s not how you handle situations when you follow Me.

When I lost my friends and was crying for months over them, God was saying no, there’s better friends coming. Just watch! Here I am in 2019, I have the most amazing support group. The people of God that I have been connecting with has really stunned me. I love them! My sleep has improved over the years because people are praying over me, not against me. I have people to encourage me, not envy me. I am so thankful for my freshmen year. If you’re in your freshmen year, know that it is going to get better. Be like Job. Praise the Lord. Don’t let the enemy be able to say, “yeah I knew she would come back to the world.” No! Go harder for Jesus while everything is falling apart in your life right now. Look up, God’s got you!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I pray for your strength in the Lord. Continue to live and love God no matter what you’re going through. I love you all! Most importantly, God loves you all more than anybody in your life! Have a great week my friends in Christ!

Prayer: God I thank You for showing me that I had a Job moment in my freshmen year. At the time, I wouldn’t have seen this revelation. Lord, I’m praying that You help us to keep praising and worshiping You in the midst of our situations. Allow us to see gratitude in our life, no matter what it looks like. God You are great! You will never harm us, however, you will teach us and discipline us. In Jesus name, thank You for your teachings and discipline. We love You. Help us to continue to learn from You and have the FIRE for YOU! Give us the FIRE to want to please You. The FIRE to love You when we are weak. Give us the FIRE Lord Jesus! We want the enemy to be mad at everything we do to please You! In Jesus name, Amen!

1 Timothy 6:12 CEV – Fight a good fight for the faith and claim eternal life. God offered it to you when you clearly told about your faith, while so many people listened.

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