Don’t Worry About Your Family

As you look at this title, you’re probably asking yourself  “what does Chelle mean? I love my family.” I love mine too and I’m about to clarify what I mean in this post. It’s good to worry about our family and their souls. But, we shouldn’t worry about our family members that we end up having poor health. I’ve seen people stress over their family that they’ve had heart attacks, migraines, and became ill. No family member’s lifestyle should be risking our health.


We all have family members that are “losing it” and doing abnormal things for attention. I understand it! One day, I was praying for my family and I heard the Holy Spirit say “don’t worry about your family.” It doesn’t mean don’t care about your family anymore. Just don’t worry yourself sick over them. A lot of times I would be thinking about how I wanted all of my family to be saved. I wanted them to truly know Jesus. I don’t want them to miss their chance to make it to Heaven. Thinking about that can make me grieve over my unsaved family members.

I recently had to give all of my unsaved family members to Jesus. I can’t force anybody to live for Him. No matter how bad I want to see a change in their lives. Only God can save and He’s not going to force anybody to live for Him either. It takes a lot of pressure off  the Body of Christ, as we continue to pray and don’t worry. All I can do is spread the Gospel on my Facebook because most of my family are on there. I know that majority of them see my posts about Jesus.


You wish your family would become serious about their relationship with God. The reality is that you can’t help people who don’t want help. You can’t make a person be serious about Jesus like you are. Continue to be an example and show your family the God that you serve through your actions. Love on them through your words. They may come around eventually, but you can’t live for them. You won’t be able to take their place for them on Judgement Day. I remember my mom would always say “worry about yourself. Make sure you get to see Jesus one day.” That’s so true because we could worry about other people and not realize we’re slipping into the hands of the enemy. We’re not wearing our armor that God supplied us with in His word. Our mind becomes focused on our parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousin’s lifestyle. The enemy is out to distract you in every way that he can. You may think you’re doing a good job worrying about your family, but it’s takes your mind off of bettering yourself in Christ.

The enemy is okay with you taking your mind off of reading your Word. He’s fine with you grieving over your family entertaining clubs. He’s okay with your focus off of God. We don’t want that! Stay prayed up children of God. We can’t afford to slip into depression over an unsaved family member. We must keep moving in Christ and pray for them along the way. “Prayer can change things.” You’re right, but the family member has to make a choice to listen and follow the Lord. I have family members that’s been raised in the church and still aren’t saved. I can’t change them and God can’t force them to change. We can pray, but we have to stop worrying about our family members to premature graves. Stop getting sick because a family member doesn’t want to become whole for God.

Our lives do not revolve around our family members. It revolves around God. Sometimes all you can do is be Christ-like no matter how many people laugh at you. You know where you’re going when you close your eyes for the last time. You know you’re going to see Jesus one day, so don’t worry! Keep reading and studying God’s Word, keep loving on people even if they don’t reciprocate, and always keep God first as you go about your life. Our mind can always go somewhere else and that’s the enemy’s plan. That’s why you hear so much about your family members being out of order. The enemy realized that area is your weakness, which is worrying about your family.

Keep your head up lovely people! Don’t worry, God’s got you. He’s going to take care of  your family. He loves you! I hope that this post encouraged you to pray for your family and not worry about them. We don’t want sickness because of our family. We don’t want sickness at all! Amen! Have a great week and weekend!

There’s a song that relates to this. “Don’t Pray and Worry” by J Moss. Go listen to that!

Prayer: God we just want to tell You thank You for speaking to us about not worrying about our family members. We love them, but we don’t want to become sick or worried out of our minds for them. We collectively ask that You touch the hearts of our unsaved family members. Save them from this dark world. Free them from their sins. Lord Jesus let them be so impacted by our public walk with You that they want to come to You as well! Lord we want our family members to make it to Heaven at the end of our time here. In Jesus name, we believe a change is going to come in our family’s lives. In Jesus name, we pray, Amen!

John 14:1-4 CEV – [1] Jesus said to his disciples, “Don’t be worried! Have faith in God and have faith me. [2] There are many rooms in my Father’s house. I wouldn’t tell you this, unless it was true. I am going there to prepare a place for each of you. [3] After I have done this, I will come back and take you with me. Then we will be together. [4] You know the way to where I am going.”

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    This blog blessed me tremendously! You don’t even understand. I’m in tears! It’s funny because I clicked the link to read your latest post and I happened to see this one and when I say I needed that omg. I needed it bad. I feel like everyone else families around me aren’t doing as bad as mine. So to read something relatable to my situation is freeing. I was depressed for months because of my family. My family has a homosexual generational curse tied to them and I’ve been so sad about it. I’m grateful that it skipped me and God was able to use me to pray for them and break the curse off of them but it hurts because I care about their souls so much but after reading this I let it go. I gave my family to God. I said your prayer out loud and I believe God will set them free! Thank you for being obedient. You gave me hope.

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      Chelsea, you don’t know how much it means to me to read your comment. This was a blog that I did not think anyone would resonate with me. I questioned publishing this blog but I obeyed God. My heart is full to know that God spoke to you in this blog. He sees you Chelsea. Your family will be okay. Continue to pray and don’t worry. Live for God and your family will eventually catch on and come to Christ. There is nothing our Father CAN’T do! So glad this blog has given you hope for your unsaved family members. Praise God!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😭😭😭

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