SWS #2 You are Hidden!

There’s a lot of women or young girls that are like me. They haven’t had much interaction with guys. They’ve been rejected when trying to get a guy’s attention. Then women or young girls go through this phase  where they notice that no guy is checking them out. There is no guy that has asked her out on a date. Does this sound like you? Well girl, we’re in the same boat. I always wondered why I rarely had no interaction with guys. Was it my looks? Was it because of my timid or quiet demeanor? I learned from God that it isn’t neither one of those things.

God is hiding my presence from the world. Of course, I’m here physically, but my Spirit is hidden from the wrong guys. It’s like my closeness to God is repelling the wrong guys from approaching me. This hidden season is allowing me to go deeper in God’s Presence without distractions. I’m not distracted by an ungodly man that just wants me for my body. My eyes are not laid on an attractive guy with an unclean spirit. God wants the best for you and me. He doesn’t want you to be with anybody just because they are nice! There should be more to a relationship than a guy that is nice to you.

You are hidden to put your focus on God. You are learning to put your faith in Him instead of a man. Being hidden is a good thing and it’s a beautiful season in your life. The fact that our Loving Father wants us to draw near to Him means so much! He’s giving us time to have a stable & growing relationship with Him first. When we are stable in Christ, nobody can steer us away from Him. If God allows a guy in our life, we will be able to discern if this guy is a distraction or not.

Your hidden season is for you to embrace God’s love for you. It’s not about dwelling on your appearance. It’s about becoming the woman that God wants you to be. You’re not missing anything my sister. Your quiet demeanor is not keeping you from attracting the guy that God has for you. Your skin tone is not a setback my sister. It’s a time to be quiet and be hidden from the world. It’s not time for you to bloom yet. It’s not time for people to know your name yet. It’s a time to cultivate in this season and prepare yourself for the man God has for you. You get to learn how to spend time with God. You get to learn how to care for yourself. This is a time to prepare for what God is going to give you.

Stop pouting and feeling like you’re the only one that isn’t being seen by guys. If you want a godly man, you’d rather wait for him to notice you than a bunch of ungodly guys. Right now, you are UNTOUCHABLE my sister! Enjoy being untouched girl! You may be a virgin. You may be celibate. You may feel overlooked, but God sees you. That is all that matters at the end of the day. He loves you even if He doesn’t allow you to become married in the future. He is with you until the end of age!

There’s plenty of young girls or women that feel like you, unnoticed. I used to feel that way as well girl. Keep your head up and know that you will endure in this time of being single. It can be tough seeing everyone dating, engaged, or married. Sometimes people play around with being engaged or married. They end up at the altar and then a few years later, they aren’t together. Look at you, you’re waiting until it’s right before you get engaged or married. No need to rush something so precious as marriage.

Stay hidden until God is ready to reveal you to your future husband. It’s nothing to be ashamed of about being hidden. Learn what God says about marriage in the Bible. Learn how to become better each and every day. Learn from others by going on YouTube watching married Christians. I’ve learned so much from married Christians on YouTube. Be spontaneous and do things you’ve always wanted to do now! Maybe you want to travel, you like to shop, maybe you want to go skydiving. Go out and enjoy this beautiful life that God has given you. Don’t sit and wait around for a guy to do fun and interesting things with!

You’re hidden for an amazing reason. It’s not to punish or torture you, but to produce a better you for the next phase of your life. I hope that this post resonated with you! Don’t be down in this season of not grasping attention from guys. Have an amazing week, lovely ladies! Next week, we’ll talk about if singleness is a gift.


Prayer: In Jesus name, thank You for hiding us right now! We want to be the best daughters for You! We also want to become a great wife to an amazing man of God. Help us to wait for You until You reveal the one you have for us in our life. Let us know that we aren’t alone in this season. There are so many young girls or women that are dealing with this right now! Keep our eyes, ears, and minds focused on You! Help us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit at all times. We love You Lord Jesus! In Your name, Amen!

Proverbs 2:2-3 NLT – [2] Tune your ears to wisdom and concentrate on understanding. [3] Cry out for insight, and ask for understanding.

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    Wow!!! I’ve been feeling this way for such a long time! I also like to call myself a hidden Gem! Thank you for this post. It really encouraged me to wait on God’s best and gave me more self confidence 💗💗

    • 2

      Erikah, I’m so glad that this post has encouraged you to wait for God and on top of that, has given you more self confidence! Yesss! Continue to stay a hidden Gem! You’re not alone on this journey. Keep pushing! ♥️♥️

  2. 3

    I remember taking the bold step to be single.Among my friends,it was the strangest thing i could do.Three years along the line,am glad i took that step and this post is just 🔥🔥on point

    • 4

      Abby, it can be challenging to choose singleness today. I’m so glad that you are waiting for God’s best. I, too felt strange about being single amongst my friends. I’m glad that this post resonated with you! Continue to hold on 💖

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