SWS #6 A _____ Woman

I have been watching women on YouTube talk about when they were single. Many women gave practical tips on how to enjoy their single season and how to fulfill in Christ A couple of women gave advice to be the woman that you want to be for your spouse. The phrase really stuck out to me. It’s saying that I should work on myself and be someone that my spouse enjoys being with. A woman that not only lives for God, but loves to have fun. A woman that listens and enjoys having conversations. A woman that shows unconditional love even when her spouse gets on her nerves. Be the woman that you will also love for yourself.


We want a spouse that is into fitness, but we don’t care for our wellbeing. We don’t care about going to the gym, but we want to look at how toned our man is. That’s not fair right? We want someone who is good with money. They know how to save and budget money, but we are blowing our money on unnecessary items. We don’t save money, but our future spouse has to be a good saver? We should be trying to meet our spouse halfway by being who we want them to be. Think about it, if he is everything that you want him to be, and you’re not adding to that, then what kind of relationship is that?

If we practice every day becoming the woman we want to be, we will enjoy our self and so will our spouse. Our intentions are to be God-fearing women, but we also have to add the practical ideas with it. I want to be a woman who enjoys life, laughter, and wants to travel the world. A woman that someone can lean on and can trust with their secrets. A woman that wants to continuously improve spiritually, mentally, and physically. A woman that wants to be financially stable and is great with finances. Also a woman that is at peace with who she is, continues to show up for God, and herself.

It’s important to enjoy being single because you are able to become a godly woman.  Every day that God allows you to live, is room to develop into a future wife or maybe a mother. Do you want to be the spouse that is insecure with yourself, and negative towards everyone? No, you don’t. Give yourself time to grow and become a better woman. Think about if you’re ready to be someone’s wife as you are right now. If you are not happy with who you are, how can someone else be happy with who you are? It has to be draining to be with someone who is not secure with themselves.

I encourage you to jot down in your journal or notes app on your phone, write down the woman you would like to be, and for each goal, write down why you want to reach that goal and how you can get closer to the certain goal as a woman. I’ll list some examples below, so you can understand.


I want to be “A Reading Woman”. I want to read more books and gain more knowledge on specific topics. I can go to the library and get two books. I will read one chapter a day.

I want to be “A Happy Woman”. I don’t enjoy my life, so I would like to find ways to be happy. I can do small things like going to the park, grab an ice cream cone, and pet a dog.

I want to be“A Fit and Healthy Woman”. I want to live longer and feel good about my body. I can slow down on the burgers and fries, look up healthy recipes on Pinterest to create, and start off exercising twice a week.

I want to be “A Spontaneous Woman”.  I want to open myself up to trying new things. I can try a new food option at a restaurant. I can try new makeup looks.

I hope that you will participate in this activity and if you do, let me know how it goes by contacting me here or DM me on Instagram

We cannot talk about becoming the woman we want to be for our spouse without working towards that goal. Show up for yourself sister! Always stay close to God and ask Him if you’re moving the right way. Ask Him how you can improve. The most amazing way we can become a better woman is staying rooted in Christ. He knows all and He is All we ever need in our life. The “be the woman that you want to be” concept can go for any relationship such as a friend, a daughter, a sister, or a granddaughter. I’ve been including this phrase in other aspects of my life. I can’t tell you how much of a difference it is making for me.

I hope that this post encouraged you! Have a lovely week! Next Tuesday is our last week with this series and I’m praying that it has been a blessing in your life. Allow God to shape you into the woman He wants you to be and everything will fall into place.

Prayer: Jesus, we thank You for allowing us to grow closer to You. Thank You for allowing us to dwell in Your Presence. Thank You for this lovely day that You have given us. We want more of You Father God! Help us to be the woman that You want us to be. Allow us to take in these practical tips to become a better woman mentally and physically. We want to be amazing wives to our future husbands. We want You to lead us and guide us in every aspect of our lives. In Jesus name, we thank You once again, Amen!

1 Peter 4:8 NCV – Most importantly, love each other deeply, because love will cause people to forgive each other for many sins.


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