SWS#7 The Timing in Singleness

WOOT WOOT the last week of Single Women Series is here! I’m so happy that you enjoyed this series ladies. I’m very appreciative of being the vessel for this! I’ve had a rough time with being single especially in the beginning of this year. Contentment has been my word for 2019, and I’m pleased to say that God is helping me become content with my life as a whole. Anyways, enjoy this last blog from the series!

If God allowed you to meet your future husband right now, would you be ready? If you started dating at this moment in your life, would you continue to worship God or start worshipping your new boyfriend?


I feel like these are good questions to ask yourself if you’re struggling with being single. So many times we yearn for a boyfriend, when we haven’t even mastered the yearning of God. We don’t thirst for God, but we want God to send our husband this way. The Lord does not want us to be with someone we can’t handle. If we’re lacking a stable relationship with God, we can’t care for another person. God wants us to become whole in Him first before we meet someone.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about singleness in a new perspective. I’ve been thinking about what I enjoy about being single. The number one thing, I enjoy about being single is having my bed to myself. I don’t have to share a bed with someone yet. I can move around it as much as I want. I can sleep with my fan on, keep the tv on, and use my lamp late at night. Think about what you would lose in your night time routine, (i.e.  your husband may not be able to sleep with the tv on OR The lamp may bother him after a certain time.) We don’t think about the enjoyment of being single.


I have a chance to work on myself. God is not in a rush. He’s not like “okay meet your husband” and you have no clue who you are.  Some of you don’t even know what you like or dislike, and you’re asking “God where is my boyfriend?” How are you going to let your man know what you like and dislike? In this time of being single, you have the opportunity to grow, and allow God to change you into a better person. There are some people in relationships, that don’t know their identity, are immature, and always have issues with their significant other. But YOU get to work on yourself before the right man shows up (unless you’re called to be single).  Isn’t God caring? He doesn’t want to throw you in a relationship. He wants you to grow closer to Him and become who He’s called you to be.

I can go deeper into my calling. You maybe still trying to figure out your purpose. How would you feel if you met your future husband and he asked you, “what has God called you to?” Will you even be able to answer? If you aren’t getting into the presence of God or in His Word, you wouldn’t have a clue what to tell him. He may know his purpose and you may not. God is giving you time to learn about your gifts and talents, so you can glorify Him everyday. Your purpose don’t even have to be grandiose girl. Your purpose could be, a friend to those around you and encouraging them. Learn about your purpose in this time of being single.

My future husband might not be in a good place right now. So many times, we think about ourselves as women. We talk to God saying “I’m ready to see him Lord. I have a close relationship with You. I’m doing what You called me to do. Put us together.” However, your future husband might be trying to find himself or trying to have a steady relationship with God. He might be trying to be content with being single too. Before you think about yourself and where you’re at in Christ, think about where he might be on his walk as well.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 talks about how there’s a timing for everything. 3:1 NKJV says “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven” There is a timing in being single. You may think that there can’t possibly be a time to meet your future husband, but there is and Ecclesiastes 3:1 proves that.

It’s time to take in being single as a cultivation season. Prepare your heart for the one you’re meant to be with. Any soul that you are connected to (from the residue of your exes) must go before meeting him. It’s time to take your relationship with God to a whole new level. Your passion for God needs to increase in this season of being single. It’s time to work on yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. If you do all these things right, does that mean you’ll meet your future husband? Probably not. God wants you at a certain place and in a certain position to meet your future spouse. With God, you won’t know the place or the position until he’s ready to reveal it to you. God doesn’t show us the big picture because He wants our trust in Him.

I hope this Single Women Series blessed you in any type of way. I hope that you are eager to enjoy the timing in being single. I’m praying that you received a different perspective of how you should view being single. I love you all! We’re going to get through this time together! If you ever need prayer or you need someone to talk to about being single, please don’t hesitate to contact me or DM me on Instagram. Have a blessed week ladies!

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Prayer: God we thank you for showing us the importance of timing as single women. Thank you Lord for always loving us when we feel unloved by others. Thank you for shaping us into the Women of God that you want us to be. Lord we ask that you wrap your arms around a sister who is tired of being single. For any sister that’s discontent with being single, fill them up with contentment. Let them know that You are the lover of their soul. Thank you Lord for speaking to us and showing us that we have work to do at this time. We have growing to do Father! Help us Lord to become consistent or stay consistent with spending time with You. In the name of Jesus, we break any soul ties that Your daughters have with any exes!! Lord Jesus, loose those mindsets of thinking about old relationships! Jesus we love You! Thank you for being so caring and allowing us to be mentally ready to meet the one that we are meant to be with. Lord we ask that you keep our future husbands covered under Your blood. Allow him to seek You if he’s fell off from You. Strengthen him to continue to build a relationship with You! In Jesus name, we pray, Amen!

Psalm 37:34 NKJV – Wait on the Lord, And keep His way, And He shall exalt you to inherit the land; When the wicked are cut off, you shall see it.


Some topics included in this journal:

Self-Care Tips – On a couple of pages, there is a list of tips for you to take care of your yourself physically and mentally. You will be encouraged to write down some ways that you already do to take care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Section to list what you want in a future spouse – You are able to jot down what you would like in a spouse’s character and appearance.

Encouragement to wait for your future spouse – Throughout the journal, you will see small notes encouraging you to wait for the man God has for you.

Tips to enjoy being single – You will receive ten practical tips to inspire you to enjoy being single. There will be questions asked for some tips. There are spaces for you to reflect and answer the questions given. For example, one way to enjoy being single is enjoy your own company. A question that is asked is “what would your ideal day by yourself look like?”

Date night ideas with Jesus – Spending time with Jesus does not have to be mundane. Spice it up with some ideas that are given in this journal. Date nights with Jesus is about having exciting moments or experiences with Him



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