Give God the Glory

A lot of times we don’t know what our purpose is for this Earth. As we continue to grow in Christ, we began to understand the purpose for our life. We start to think that this purpose is meant for us. It is meant for us to walk in, but it is not for us. It is about serving God and others. We are helping people come out of the darkness through our purpose. We are releasing people from bondage when we walk in our God given purpose.

This is not the normal post about finding your purpose. It’s a post for those that have found their purpose and are trying to figure out the meaning of it. Through everyone’s purpose, God should get the Glory. The reason why I use “should” because some people take the credit for their God-given purpose. They want people to praise them instead of praising God. Artists who can sing or rap want the shine and the fame, but do not give the credit to God. The artist did not receive the beautiful voice or rhymes/poetic flow by themselves. God gifted them with that purpose to serve His people with words from Him. The purpose behind music is not to only feel good, but to feel the Spirit of the Lord in your circumstances. Why do you think Worship music is usually powerful? God designed it to be an intimate moment between you and Him. Worldly rappers and singers were meant to use their gift for the Glory of the Lord, however, they are doing what the enemy does best, make music perverse.

In many ways, our purpose can serve our community. Teachers serve their students with knowledge for each subject in school. Janitors or people who pick up garbage (don’t know the correct term) serve schools or neighborhoods to keep the community clean. Authors serve readers with entertainment or knowledge on a certain topic. Hair stylist serve clients by doing their hair and allowing them to try different looks. What is your purpose and how are you serving?

In all that we do, give God the Glory! We should never become prideful about what we do for the Lord. Our purpose is not about seeing who can do something better than another person. In other words, it’s not about competing. We can have the same niche in our purpose, but we’re unique because we’ve all went through different circumstances. God has sprinkled something different in your purpose. I’ve viewed plenty of Christian blogs, and everyone’s layout and stories are different from mine. That’s okay because their blog is catered to someone else’s needs.

However you allow God to work in your purpose, let Him breathe through you. Let Him into your life to stand out from others. You don’t have to TRY to standout on your own. God can do that for you, by showing the world your uniqueness through your YouTube channel, books, magazines, music, and many more things. People will praise and thank God for your obedience. Everything that you do should go back to God. Your ministry, job, and most importantly your LIFE should be returned to God. He deserves all the Glory! Without Him, we wouldn’t know who we are in Christ! We wouldn’t be ALIVE without JESUS!

Continue to praise God for what you’re doing. No matter how hard your purpose can feel sometimes, keep walking in it. It is blessing someone. A child is going home every day telling their parents about your teaching. A young girl/woman is looking up to you as a mentor. Your music is a blessing to someone even if they don’t tell you. As long you stay connected to God, He will continue to let you know you’re on the right track.

Thank you for reading this blog post! I hope that it has blessed you! Have an amazing week!

Prayer: God, we want to thank You for our purpose. Thank you for trusting us with something precious in Your sight. Thank You Lord for all the people who are being blessed by our purpose. We ask that You continue to keep all those that are served by our purpose. We want to bring Glory to Your name! We want people to know You through us! Lord we love You and we thank You for what You are doing in our lives. In Jesus name, Amen!

Romans 12:10 NET – Be devoted to one another with mutual love, showing eagerness in honoring one another.

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