Selfish Selfies // Can selfies make us selfish?

Our world has become about US. We think about ourselves all the time. We don’t care about other people as much as we care about ourselves. We start our prayers with ourselves. We go through life thinking about what we are going to eat and drink. What about the person who is in a shelter or on the side of the road? 

The title of this post gives us an example about how we have become selfish. At one point in our life, we had to ask someone to take our pictures, but today we use our front camera to take our own. There’s nothing wrong with doing that sometimes, but we do this all the time. Taking selfies allows us to believe that we can do everything on our own. We have this attitude of  “I can do everything by myself.” It leads us to thinking that we don’t need God. We can do everything on our own, such as going to work, doing our homework, grocery shopping, handling our own money. We start to push God away in our selfish world. 


Selfies are not a coincidence. It was a way of the enemy grasping all of us into believing that we can take our own pictures. Why do you think it’s called selfies? It focuses on you taking the picture. That’s not how God intended life to be. He intended for us to be together and help each other out. Encourage one another. Take a picture of someone’s outfit for them. Ask someone to take a family picture without holding a long selfie stick. It’s difficult to try to include everyone in those selfie sticks anyway. 

Do you realize that our world has become a self-world? Read this: Self-Care, Self-Love, Self-Confidence, Self-Publishing, Self-Help, and many other self-products. It’s fine to think about yourself sometimes, but what about others? How can Believers help others when they are too busy praying for themselves? How can God move on others’ lives, if you’re not moving your mouth to pray for others? (1Cor.10:24) Someone is crying out for help. Someone in your family or surroundings lost a loved one and you’re worrying about what you’re going to eat. Give food to someone who is too heartbroken to cook for themselves. Watch someone else’s child while they get a break. It’s time to break away from only thinking of yourself. God wants us to lead His children to Christ through our love and our actions. There’s too much darkness in the world to shine your light only on yourself. Shine your light in others’ lives. 


The enemy think he’s slick using self-behaviors as a harmless thing. It’s harmful and displeasing to God to be selfish instead of selfless. We need to think less about what we can receive from God and more about what God wants us to do. We need to think more about how we can serve others. If you’re a rich Christian, teach others how to keep God first and serve others with your wealth. If you’re good at cooking, teach others how to cook around you. It’s amazing that Jesus is the best example in this selfish world. (Gal.5:14) He cared about the people who were sick or brokenhearted more than the people who are well (Mark 2:17). He looked after others before His self. He died on the cross for us and that is the most selfless thing that Jesus could ever do! He didn’t want US to burn in Hell. He still doesn’t want us to do that today. God desires for all of His children to return back to Him at the end of age, but there’s people who don’t believe Him, people who choose to move the opposite way, and people who are stuck in fear. There’s something that God will not do to His children, and that is forcing them to come to Him when they don’t want to. 

Jesus came down to be about His Father’s business and to serve those that needed Him. If we are going to aim to be like Jesus, we must serve those who need our help. Someone is waiting for your obedience. Someone is waiting to meet you. Someone wants to take your pictures for you patiently. Your camera roll shouldn’t be a bunch of pictures taken by you. Don’t be afraid to get help from others. We are all in this life together and we are here to serve each other. It may take time to break away from selfishness, but we can do it. Ask others how you can pray for them. Ask others how you can help them today. It doesn’t hurt to ask and if someone says I don’t need help, pray for them. Everyone needs help in their life. Someone has been where you’re at right now. Do not rebuke wise counsel, take it and learn how to become better. 

Let’s be more selfless than selfish. Yes, you are able to treat yourself every once in a while, but you can treat someone else in your life as well. Maybe that friend who listened to you talk/cry on the phone over a heartbreak. Your mom or dad who has encouraged you and has prayed for/with you.  You can take care of yourself by having a spa day sometimes, however, you can have a spa day with your girlfriends to catch up. One of your friends may not have time to care for themselves and you can help them relax and enjoy themselves. My biggest point is everything does not have to be about you. Your life can be about God and His people too! I hope that this post has encouraged you and it switched your perspective on “Self”. God loves you and so do I. Have a great week lovely people! 

Prayer: Lord, most of the time we think about ourselves. We don’t think about your people that much. We ask that You change that perspective for us. Help us to serve others before ourselves. Help us to be more like Jesus. Thank you for allowing  Jesus to be our example. Thank you for showing us that we can include others in our world. We bind the spirit of selfishness. We don’t want to think heavily on ourselves that we can’t depend on You. We don’t want to think about ourselves that we miss what You are trying to do in our lives. Thank You for opening our eyes to something we need to change every day. We love You! We adore You! In Your name, we pray Amen!

Psalm 34:18 NKJV – The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, And saves such as have a contrite spirit.  

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