You Need to Rest

In October, I caught a cold that lasted for a week. When I first realized that I wasn’t feeling well, I was disappointed because I wanted to work on projects. Honestly, I just wanted to keep working, so I wouldn’t seem lazy. (I have a full-time ministry – Chelle Talks and  I’m a full-time entrepreneur, so I work from home.) Prior to October, I felt like the Lord was calling me to take a break, but I ignored Him. I was seeing everybody posting on social media about WORK WORK, so I thought I was supposed to do that all the time. I would work and then kind of take small breaks here and there. I was hoping that was good enough for Jesus. I even worked when I felt confused with what God wanted me to do. Truth be told, I should’ve took a break in September, but I wasn’t listening.


Then my cold came and wrecked me. It was to the point to where all I could do was sleep and stay hydrated. While I was lying in bed, I heard the Lord say, “You need to rest.” I took a deep breath and said “Okay I get it. I’ll rest Lord.” I felt in my heart to take a break from EVERYTHING such as social media, blogging, and even didn’t text people as much.” This sickness was a way of God telling me to take the break that I was ignoring. During this time, I rested physically, mentally, and spiritually. I probably rested emotionally. I needed COMPLETE REST from everything.

I came to write to you today to tell you to REST! Yes, take some time to rest your mind. Go ahead and take a day to sleep in if you need to. We all need sleep! Take a month away from all your social media platforms and sit at the Feet of Jesus. Listen to what He has to say to you. I’ve become closer to Jesus more since I finally listened to Him! I feel refreshed about blogging and encouraging others on Instagram, writing books/journals again. I was slowly running on E because I didn’t want to seem lazy to the public or people around me. But, none of that should matter, if that’s what God told me to do.

Let me tell you what I do for the week: I create content for blog post and IG. I create the graphics for my blog and IG from scratch most of the time. I edit posts and create thumbnails for my blog post on my own. Behind the scenes, I’m writing books and journals for the future. I take time to edit and schedule all of my IG posts, so that every post will be in a neat manner. I’m promoting my current journal and taking time to showcase it in an appealing way. I’m also encouraging others offline. It may not seem like a lot, but it is many things that goes on as a creative that nobody really knows or understands. PRAY FOR YOUR CREATIVE FRIENDS!


I did need a break from doing all those things weekly ongoing from June to October. God knows truly what we need at the right time, so if He tells you to unplug, DO IT! It doesn’t matter about what people will think when you pause. You’re not working to please man. You’re working to please God and be a blessing to others. Rest is so important, and we need to take it more seriously. Stop listening to online moguls and workaholic businesspeople telling you to WORK WORK WORK all the time! You’re going to send yourself to the grave prematurely.

This applies for those who are in school whether middle/high school or college: Take breaks every now and then. Yes, do your homework and study for quizzes/exams, but when you see there is nothing to do, take a break! Get some sleep or hang out with friends. Include rest into your school schedule. In college, I took a day off each month (depending on how many excuses were allowed) if we didn’t have a student holiday or when a teacher didn’t cancel class. I was not going to get sick in college because the professors didn’t care about my mental health. You shouldn’t do that either. I understand in middle/high school, you can’t do things like that, so take advantage of your weekends to rest!

If you need rest spiritually, FAST! Pray and spend time with God as much as possible. Ignore the emails and leave social media for a minute. If you need a break from your friends, tell them that you’re going on a hiatus, so that you can spend time with God. Praise and worship Jesus! Whatever you do to elevate in your spiritual walk, DO IT! Take some time to journal about your life to Jesus. Pour your heart out to Him. He will replenish your soul and fill you back up, so that you can handle everything that is being thrown at you.

If you need to rest physically and you work at a traditional job, take time to sleep on Saturdays and rest more after church on Sundays. You don’t even have to sleep all the time. Just do some things that you truly love doing. I was enjoying watching tv and playing my favorite games on my phone because I don’t do that when I’m working. Use this rest physically as your free time if you’re not tired.

If you need to rest mentally, leave the dramatic family members or friends alone. Take some time to clear your head. Work on a puzzle or go shopping. Sit quietly in your house (if you can). If not, sit quietly in your car. Take a drive by yourself. Don’t let your long to do lists take you out of here mentally. Give that to Jesus, so that you can be mentally sound.

Instead of WORK! WORK! WORK!, how about REST! REST! REST! Get you some rest in every aspect of your life. 2020 is coming and you need to leave your some things in 2019. If you know that you need a vision for 2020 and haven’t received that yet, time to get into the secret place. If you know that God told you to sit down and rest, this is your sign to do that! Let’s become well rested for what God is about to do for the remainder of the year and the year ahead.

I love you all and I’m so glad to be back!! I hope that this blog post encouraged you like it did for me. Have an amazing week and weekend! Blog posts for the remainder of the year are going to be GREAT!! God loves you so much!

Prayer: Ahhh God, we thank You for rest! We ask that You help us to rest more than we have been. We want to be fully used by You and we can only do that if we can incorporate rest in our busy schedule. We lay all of our concerns at Your Feet. Take all of our burdens Lord Jesus! We’re not working for the world. We are working for You Lord! If you rested after You created the Earth, then we need to learn to rest as well! Thank you for your grace and thank you for your gentle reminders to rest in You! We love You and we honor You with our lives. In Jesus name, Amen!

Psalms 127:2 CEB – “It is pointless that you get up early and stay up late, eating the bread of hard labor because God gives sleep to those he loves.”

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