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When I was in middle/high school, I had a HUGE identity issue. I didn’t know how to be myself, so I would grasp a little bit of other student’s personalities. I would talk and act like them;  no solid clue what I liked or disliked back then; and  I just wanted to fit in as much as possible. Today, a lot of us still have that problem. We want to be praised and adored by all, so we decide to be like everybody else, however, that’s not how God created us to be. Towards the end of my high school years, I started to like what I genuinely liked. People would laugh at me, but I wanted to become my true self. “Who did God call me to be?” became my question when I started college. I knew that whoever He had called me to be, I would be okay. God would be pleased with “the real me” and not “the ideal me”.

Have you ever felt like you were creating an ‘ideal you’ instead of facing the ‘real you’? You don’t like spaghetti and however, you are willing to eat it anyway. You don’t like showing a lot of skin, but you do it because it’s trending. That’s the problem. We have to stop being trendy and be our ACTUAL selves.


Something that has always bothered me is when kids/young adults say, “my parents want me to be a doctor or a lawyer, even though that’s not what I want to do.” It’s extremely sad to hear statements like that because parents are keeping their children from being themselves. Why would you force someone to go to college to become a doctor when they actually like photography? I want to say to teens/young adults that have parents like that, do not live a life to please your parents. Live a life to please God and do something that you’re interested in. Your life is YOURS. Do not be disrespectful when they tell you to do something like chores or your homework. BUT respectfully tell them “I don’t want a career like that.” “I don’t like playing football. I like playing soccer.” “I am different from you mom and dad. I like to do these type of activities.”

Sometimes, you have to be isolated even from your loved ones, however, take time to figure out what you enjoy. Ask God to show you what He wants done in your life. Many people are miserable right now because they are following what others are doing. They fear that their parents will disown them or will love them less  if they follow their dreams. They feel out of place with their surroundings. Family members/friends are not in control of your life. If we allow Him, God is in control of our life. I enjoy jazz, and I like the sound of old school samples. I enjoy reading books. My style isn’t necessarily girly (although I do love to dress up sometimes), it’s a tomboy style. I genuinely love reading and writing, and I enjoy comedy movies/tv shows more than any other genre. That’s a part of who I am. God has created me to be that way for a reason. He’s created you to be the way you are for a reason, so don’t deny who you are.


I have been a college graduate for almost 5 months now. God told me to step out on faith and become a full-time entrepreneur. I didn’t know what that looked like and honestly some days, I still don’t. I am truly stepping into who God has called me to be. Is it nerve-wracking sometimes? Yes, it is, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I enjoy being obedient to Jesus and I love who I am becoming. Each day, I am transforming into this amazing woman of God. I am also learning how to be myself and be content with that.

I am a quiet person (well, I’m becoming more talkative), and for years I’ve felt like I had to try to be a loud person, so that I could have a lot of friends. I wanted to dress like others, so that I could be seen as cool. When I entered into college, I realized that’s not who I am. I am not trendy. I like to buy clothes from Walmart, and Burlington. I am not an American Eagle, Hollister, whatever is trending type of girl and that is fine with me.

Today’s blog is about learning how to be ourselves. No more hiding behind ‘the fake you’. It’s time to be ‘the real you’. Yeah, you that likes to smile a lot. The one that finds corny jokes funny. The one that likes flare jeans. The one that’s goofy. The one that’s extremely quiet. You know what that makes you? A human who is different. A human who fully taps into their true personality.

God has called us to be unique for a reason. We should enjoy that uniqueness about ourselves, not feel like it’s a burden. If we all liked the same things, wouldn’t the world be boring? If we all liked black and white clothing, it would be dull right? You need those people that enjoy color. People that like art. People who like to dance. BE YOURSELF! You only have one life and that is YOURS. Not your parents. Not your auntie. Not your cousins. But YOUR LIFE.

I hope that this blog post encouraged you to be unashamed of who you are or who you are developing into. We aren’t here to please people. We are here to please God. I love you and God loves you more! Have an amazing week!

Prayer: Wow, God thank You for showing us that we can be ourselves. It feels good to know that we aren’t here to please people. There are some teens/young adults that are afraid to tell their parents what they like to do, we’re asking that you give them the courage to live for You. We’re praying that you soften those parents hearts that are stuck on their ways. We’re praying that you allow Your Children to step out on faith, and be who you have called them to be. We bind up the spirit of rejection/abandonment. From this blog, we’re praying that people become their authentic selves. Help Your Children understand that you gave them that humor, you made them unique, and those kids enjoy pasta more than pizza because of You. They move different because of You. Thank You Lord for placing uniqueness in all of us! We love You! In Jesus name, Amen!

Galatians 1:10 NLT – “Obviously I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant.”


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