STORY TIME: I Almost Didn’t Graduate!

Hey lovely people! To end the year, I wanted to do something different by telling a story that happened in my life. I did a poll on my IG stories (if you’re not following me, join the fam here) asking which story time you desired to read. It was between ‘I Almost Didn’t Graduate’ and ‘How God wanted me to make online friends when I said NO’. Of course, majority wanted to read how I almost didn’t graduate. So, I hope that you enjoy this story!

May 10th of this year, I walked across the stage with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Graphic Design. Prior to that day, I was having trouble with two classes which was Art Crime and Advanced Typography. I wasn’t too worried about Art Crime because the teacher was willing to help me graduate. It was Typography that I was worried about because the entire semester, I struggled with pleasing the teacher with my projects. Typography is the art of arranging fonts or type to make written language legible. It’s basically creating type in an appealing way to create a strong visual. You see it all of the time on magazine covers and advertisements.

My teacher was extremely strict about the Typography projects. If something was slightly off in the project, he would take points off heavily, such as my craftsmanship and the tracing paper was either too big or too small over my project. We had to print our projects, apply them correctly on a black board, and send in a digital file as well. The digital file had to be sent in a specific way or he would take points off heavily from that too. In my Graphic Design program, we never were taught heavily about Typography. If I knew I wouldn’t have been working in the Graphic Design field, I honestly wouldn’t have taken the class.

Throughout the class, I struggled with all types of grades, from B to F. Our projects consisted of creating images with fonts, Financial Highlights, a booklet showing the types of fonts, and the big project creating a 160 page book.  I would be praying over the completion of each assignment and each quiz. A lot of times I would wonder how I received the grade that I did. I did the best that I could do. It got to the point where I started going to his office hours and wondering what I was doing wrong. He would tell me that I didn’t understand the technique and I would ask him to show me. He tried to show me, but he wouldn’t explain it well. For finals week, we had a final project and a exam *rolls eyes*. The professor wanted to make sure we knew the terms and facts used in Typography. 

Our final project was creating layouts for 25 chapters + a full glossary about surviving college.  He supplied the pictures and the chapters for the guide, but we had to figure out the fonts we were going to use , and how we were going to have consistent layouts for the project. When I worked on the final project , I stayed in his face so much that I believe he became annoyed with me. When I asked for help, he would never be fully pleased with what I was doing. As I was approaching the due date, I was in the mood of “I’m tired. I’m going to turn it in and pray for the best. This professor will never be happy with my work.” 

On the day of my final exam, I was so pumped, ready to turn in the final project, and take the final exam. During the exam, we were able to use a small notecard to cheat. I was happy about that because I felt like it was impossible to memorize a lot of facts and terms about Typography. I left the class that day feeling free. I felt great about taking my exam and was ready for graduation. My grade was a C (I needed a C or higher to pass the class requirement) before I was about to graduate. I was confident that it would go up after my professor added my final project and exam by the time grades were due. Yeah, I thought it was crazy that our grades weren’t finalized before we marched.

Anyways, I was so happy that my grades were going to be good enough for me to graduate. I was celebrating until the beginning of June, when I decided to check my grades on WebAdvisor. All my grades were fine except Typography. I stared at the screen in disbelief that I received a D+. I felt like I had just made it to a comfortable C which I believe was a 74. I wanted to know what the number was for the D+. I rushed to Moodle ( It’s like Blackboard for the college kids that don’t use that Moodle) and found out I made a 69.17. I had to sadly break the news to my mom and tell her that I didn’t make a good grade in one of my classes.

 I wanted to email my teacher in anger because he knew I was supposed to graduate and he didn’t give me the point to pass. In that moment, I had to cool down and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. My mind fluttered with thoughts that I couldn’t even figure out what to do. Finally, after cooling down, I emailed my professor to ask him if I could do anything to get my grade to a 70. He said that there was nothing that he could do because my grade couldn’t round up to the 70. I bawled my eyes out, praying to God that I didn’t have to go back to school for one more class. I couldn’t take it online because it was a hands-on class only. My mom and I prayed, praised, and cried, wondering what were the next steps. 

A couple of weeks later, I received two emails that I wasn’t going to receive my degree because I didn’t pass the requirements for my class. One of the emails were from my advisor. I emailed her and told her what the problem was. I even sent her a screenshot of my grade for proof. 

Let me stop and say that, I had one of the best advisors during college. Every time I had an issue with class or personally, my lovely advisor was willing to help in any way that she could. I trusted that she would be able to help me in my situation. 

Of course, I still prayed because she wasn’t a god to me, but she was trustworthy.  After reviewing the issue, she emailed me back, not even a day later, about petitioning for my current grade to be acceptable for the class requirement. She told me to write out a statement to the Dean or whomever it concerns, about why my current grade should be accepted for the class requirement. 

I had to pray and take some time to figure out what to say. My mom and I were both searching up how to write a statement for a petition.  I emailed my advisor on how to format the statement and she told me some things to say in the introduction, middle, and ending. I would stare at my computer trying to hear the Holy Spirit for what to say. One of those days, I sat at my laptop refusing to move until I felt led on what to write. I was determined to listen out for an answer. I began to write what I knew I could, such as my name and my program, basically introducing myself and why I enjoyed the school. From there, the page began to flow with words. 

I can’t even remember what I even said, but I know that Jesus was with me while I wrote the statement. My mom and I reread the statement over to make sure that everything was in its rightful place. We prayed over it one more time before sending it. Days turned into a week, and I wondered what the final answer would be. Would I be returning back to Coastal Carolina or would God allow the petition to pass? In that short timeframe of waiting, I became fearful of returning and telling everybody that I had to go back for one class. While I was stuck in fear, I heard as clear as day “You’re not going back to Coastal Carolina.” I wanted to praise the Lord about what I heard, but fear robbed my mind. 

When I told my mom what I heard the Holy Spirit say, she said “That means you’re not going back.” She was right, so I decided to praise and worship God for what He was going to do pertaining to the petition. I decided to have faith that I was getting my degree in the mail. My mom and I had so many praise break sessions while we waited. 

I finally decided to reach out to my advisor about the status on the petition and she said “The Dean accepted it yesterday. Congratulations!” Awwww wowwww! I literally shouted “Thank You Jesusss!” I told my mom and we began to dance and praise Jesus some more. It was the best day of my life. It was still June and my advisor told me I should receive my diploma in 8-10 weeks which would have been in August. But LISTENNN, God allowed me to receive it earlier in July. I officially felt like an Alumna of Coastal Carolina University. Nobody around us knew what was going on. I kept that part private until I understood exactly what was going to happen. I didn’t want to deal with anybody that didn’t have faith that God would come through for me. 

This is my testimony of graduating from college. The beginning was rough and so was the ending, however, everything worked for my good! I know this was a lengthy story time, but it was worth telling you all everything. I pray that this blog will restore college students that feel like they can’t make it. God will do what He says! He will fight for you and show the professors that He is in control. Even if you’re not in college, I pray that this restores your faith in general. This is one of the reasons why I really trust God. 

God is GOOD! Keep the faith! Hold onto Jesus during your tough situations. He will never fail you! If you keep praising and worshiping, He will come through for you. He loves when you are obedient and have faith in Him. Happy Holidays lovely people! Let this blog minister to your faith.

2 Corinthians 5:7 NKJV: “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”


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    Ebonee Paisley

    Yessss! I love It! Praise God! This was so encouraging as I am preparing to go back to school for my masters this month. I am believing and trusting in God that I will be blessed with professors who are willing to help but who will also show me completely favor. May God continue to bless you on this journey we call life! Love you sis!

    • 2

      Wowww Ebonee! I’m so glad that this blog encouraged for your school journey. God will certainly be there for you through all of your test and trials. He will certainly overrule the difficult professors say so. Only God can open up doors that man cannot shut. With God, all things are possible. I love you too sis ❤️❤️ be blessed and congratulations on going back to get your masters.

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