Who is the owner of this website?

Hi, my name is Chelle. I am a 21-year old girl who loves Jesus! He makes me happy, and I want to show you why he makes me happy in my posts!

You want to be confident in yourself again. How can I help you?

I want you to enjoy who you are in your skin. Sure we have all been hurt by mean words like, “ugly, fat, stupid, skinny, and many hurtful words. Did those words bring back any memories? It’s time to heal from those words right?

I want my post to be the reason that you get back up from those hurtful words in your past. I want you to smile and enjoy the way you look and enjoy the way you laugh again. It is going to be okay! Let’s get through this healing process together.

Need motivation? I got you covered!

The best way to accomplish the day is to feel inspired! You’ve came to the right place by understanding that you CAN do anything in life! The sky is the limit. If you believe in God, trust in Philippians 4:13.

I know some days you wake up not wanting to do anything. I want to help you become motivated to be that author, singer, dancer, artist, and so much more. We all have a purpose to do something great, but it all starts with someone believing in you and pushing you to get to that particular point in your life. I want to be that person for you!

Let me share how I’m motivated below:

1. I’m motivated to get up in the morning because I want to serve God better every day that He allows me to open my eyes.

2. I’m motivated to get up for class because I want that piece of paper that we call a degree! Future Graphic Designer here! Yayyy!

Are you a virgin?

Wait that was a very forward question. “I am very private about my sex life. Why would you ask such a thing?” If you’re a virgin, you don’t have to hide it because people who are sexually active sure don’t hide that so why should you?

I am a virgin, and I am pretty proud to serve God as a pure young woman.  I want the virgins to enjoy being pure for God because we are doing a great thing, guys! God appreciates that we are pure for His Glory! Read my post here as I talk about how virginity is still cool. I’m gonna talk about some more virgin related post so stay tuned!

Are you going to be a college student soon?

Woohoo for the college kids! I am nearly close to my last year in college, and I have so much to share with my rising/current freshmen. I am going to be sharing the Reality of College Life, My Horror Roommate Situations, and so much more! Stay tuned for that and if you’re a mom that has a soon to be college kid, share this with them.

I hope that you enjoyed reading what I have to offer. I hope that I can at least inspire you to be a better version of yourself! Read my latest posts below! Go on ahead; you know you want to take a peek.

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