Who is the owner of this website?

Hi, my name is Chelle. I am a young woman who loves Jesus! He makes me happy, and I want to show you why he makes me happy in my posts!

As a Faith Blogger, I want to be as transparent as possible about how God changed my life for a better future. When I started blogging in February 2018, I wanted to share my experiences about how God brought me through some tough moments in my life. I wanted to let women know that they aren’t alone in their singleness, feeling insecure about themselves, feeling hopeless about their life and so many more.

As I started to dig into the Bible, The Lord brought revelation to my life. I decided that I wanted to share what I’ve learned from God’s Word and how we can collectively live for Christ wholeheartedly. It means a lot to share God’s Word with His people and the impact that the blog posts are making in people’s lives everyday!

If this is your first time on Chelle Talks, I pray that you take a look at the blog post provided. Take some time to look at the categories towards the bottom of page(on phone or tablet) or to the left of you(on laptop) and see how you can be assisted in your daily walk in Christ!

You mean a lot to me and your soul means more to me. Know that God loves you, you will learn about who He is, and how He’s molding me into the woman I am becoming on this blog!

I love you! Contact me if you would like to introduce yourself or you need prayer. After you’ve checked out some posts and realize you want to hear more from me, subscribe to my mailing list at the bottom of the page.

I hope that you enjoyed reading what I have to offer. I hope that I can at least inspire you to be a better version of yourself! Read my latest posts below! Go on ahead; you know you want to take a peek.