Focus on God

During my break, I kept listening to a song called God by Noble. I’ve listened to the song […]

You Need to Rest

In October, I caught a cold that lasted for a week. When I first realized that I wasn’t […]

Give God the Glory

A lot of times we don’t know what our purpose is for this Earth. As we continue to […]

God Wants All of Us

In our life as Christians, we put our BIG God in a tiny box. We believe that God […]

Why Should I Read My Bible?

As a Christian, the Bible is our manual to properly live our life. The Bible speaks about many […]

The Beauty of God

Just a fun fact about this blog post: I was sitting outside on my campus enjoying the warm […]

Are You Really Saved?

Today it is hard to tell who is living for Jesus. The world identifies Christians as going to […]