Pastors Are People Too

Something that has always bothered me is the way pastors are treated when they are caught in sin. […]

A Reflection on 2018

Recently during my time with God, I started reflecting on how God has really shaped me up in […]

It’s Time To Eat!

We talk about how much we love God, but how much do we actually love Him? Are we […]

Church Dosage

Have you ever met someone in the church and hung out with them during the weekend? Do you […]

Wanting Jesus for Objects?

How many of us have asked Jesus for materialistic things? That should be all of us right? “Lord […]

Having a Good Foundation

It is important to have a good foundation in our walk with Christ! If we don’t have a […]

Expressing Gratitude Daily

Expressing gratitude about your life is essential. Gratefulness makes you appreciate how blessed you are. I’m apart of […]