Why Do We Complain?

We love to complain about the small things in life. It’s something about someone not shutting the door right to your car that can instantly tick you off. Your coworker is too chatty at 7 am, and you’re bothered by that because you’re not a morning person. Complaining is another disguise of venting. Don’t you

Don’t Rush!

I remember when I was rushing to get an assignment done for class. I just continued to think to myself “I just want to get this over with." I suddenly heard the Lord say “Don’t rush." I took a deep breath and begin to patiently work on my assignment. I started to think about how

Confidence Is The Key

When I was in high school, I hated talking in front of people. Every time a teacher said “you have to present your project in front of the class”, I would cringe and panic. Want to know why I did not like presenting in front of people? I was always the one that was teased

Single 101

If anybody can talk about singleness, I am one of them. I am twenty - one and I have never dated. Sure I’ve had crushes, but I have never been in a relationship. Every time I tell someone this, people look at me like something’s wrong.  I don’t put my business out there in the